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What is Noisebridge?

Noisebridge an anarchist hackerspace in San Francisco, and one of the oldest hackerspaces in the US. We grew out of conversations between attendees of Chaos Communication Congress 2007 (24c3), and were originally modeled on c-base in Berlin and Metalab in Vienna. We aim to provide a space for people to hack, create, learn, and explore in a safe, welcoming, and accessible environment.

You don't have to be a member or pay anything to participate in Noisebridge, we're free and open. You just have to follow the one rule: Be Excellent to Each Other!

Noisebridge Hacker Space Logo

Getting here and getting in

We are located at: 2169 Mission St. 3rd floor, San Francisco, CA 94110 Common transit options include 16th Street Mission bart just a block and half up mission street, taking the "14 mission" Muni bus to the 18th and Mission bus stop, biking (we have a bike rack inside of our space), or taking a car.

Once you make you way to Noisebridge, you probably want to get in. On your first couple trips, you can ring the doorbell labeled Noisebridge on the right side of the gate. The gate is on the left side of a small grocery store "Mi Ranchito", made obvious by the large red awning hanging over the sidewalk in front of it. Once the light on the top of the box with the doorbell turns green (it may be a bit faint so look carefully) or you hear a buzzing sound from the gate, push the gate open and walk up the colorfully painted stairs to the third floor. At the top of the stairs there is another door; if it is not open, you may need to ring a second bell. You can ring the upstairs door bell by pressing the power button on the keyboard to the right of the door. Hopefully someone will open the door and ask if you'd like a tour.

We aim to be open from 11AM to 10PM daily. In practice, we're open as long as there's someone in the space willing to answer the doorbell. This results in us often not being open at precisely 11AM and usually not closing until well after 10PM. If you have a non-expired daytime access token, it should get you into the space between 10AM and 11PM.

For more information on how to get to and get into Noisebridge, take a look at our pages on Getting Here, Getting In, Hours, and visitor advice.

Noisebridge is growing

Join Noisebridge in building the largest non profit hacker community in San Francisco by contributing your volunteer hours, or your tax deductible monetary donations!

Donate now

Noisebridge is run entirely by volunteers and donations. Donate your money on Patreon, with a credit card, via paypal, or use one of our other supported payment methods! For questions about grants or larger donations, contact fundraising@noisebridge.net.

Donate your time by helping run a workshop or event, maintain equipment, or clean the space.

Local Community Outreach

We are looking for more help coordinating collaboration with local schools and other Mission district organizations. If you are interested in helping out, or if you are part of a local organization and would like to use the space, equipment, or workshop teachers at Noisebridge, please contact community-outreach@noisebridge.net.