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What Is This?[edit]

These can be a way to get a warm, human impression of who's in the space and why, and/or for anybody's future documentary, and/or part of NB archives, and/or as a way to hold certain people accountable for certain things, and/or a clever way to expose people who are exploiting NB.

It's also really fun, and a nice way to make friends! I hope and suggest others do more of these.


Nancy - Circuit-making for body-scanning.

Nick L -

Amin - Performing psychedelic music at Burning Man.

Taylor - Co-founder of DanceSafe.


The idea is to aim for a one-to-two minute interview. It's not a criminal investigation. It's a fun conversation. Approach people you feel like interviewing. Ask them if they are willing to do a two-minute, totally voluntary interview. Giving their real name is optional. Find a quiet place, keep the microphone close to their mouth, don't overload your meters. Keep your questions visible, if you need help remembering. The format is loose, but the questions i recommend are these. You do not have to ask all questions in every interview.

   "This interview will be one to two minutes long. It is optional and voluntary. I will erase any part of this interview that you request. Please keep your answers brief.
   "Do i have your permission to edit, share, and reuse this recording without limitation, as long your words are not misrepresented?
   "How did you find out about Noisebridge?
   "What is the purpose of Noisebridge, or Why was Noisebridge created?
   "Should the purpose of Noisebridge be changed?
   "What project are you working on, or what's your next project going to be?
   "Which Noisebridge resources are you using, or do you plan to use in the future?
   "How did you get access to the space?
   "What's your name? (optional)

Keep it brief! Don't be shy about asking them to keep their answers brief:

   "I need to stop you there."
   "In one sentence, please tell me...."

Edit the recording

      Optional: If you keep your interviews short, this is not so necessary. You can:
          -trim out the mistakes and off-topic chatter. 
          -accelerate playback speed (to shorten listening time, i like 1.5x or 150%) 
          -add music, sound-effects....

Gear you need:

   Audio Recorder: A computer with a simple sound recorder (built into Windows and Mac, prolly Linux too) or a digital audio recording device of any kind, any quality.
   A microphone, external or use the one built into your computer or device
   Optional: an audio editor. Free and open-source options:
       Windows (i have not tested these):
           Super-Simple editors:
               [1] MP3 Cutter, 1 MB
               [2] WMA Cutter, 780 KB
               [3] Audio Editor, 800 KB
               [4] playback-speed changer, 2 MB
               [5] 10 more editors
           Full-Featured Editors
               [6] Reaper, advanced and powerful, much better than Audacity, imo, 7 MB
               [7] Linux Music Production Distros

Upload your interviews to your pony space, soundcloud, internet archive, etc, etc. Add your links to this page, and share with Discuss.