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There was talk at the meeting and on the mailing list about putting together a public show. The general idea is to have a rented gallery space where any members can show off their projects.


  • It should at least pay for itself ($5 suggested donation or the like) and any additional money should go straight back to NoiseBridge
  • Members should be free to sell their works (created at their own expense) or hand out personal business cards

Project Ideas[edit]

A list of projects that might have crowd-appeal, rather than an overall list of NoiseBridge projects. Everything is fair game but make it interesting (ie: boring old computer hardware + fire and spinning = "ooh!"). These can be general or specific.

  • Objects that make noise when you touch them
  • Paintings made by robots
  • Overly-complicated clocks
  • Something that runs on steam

Gallery Space[edit]

We'll need info on potential rentable space including location, size (floorplan/pictures would be ideal), cost, restrictions (ie: no fire), availability, etc. If you know of any space, please list it below.

  • ...