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Milk kefir grains during the harvesting procedure.

Here is the info about the upcoming and past meetings and events showing more clearly what we are doing. Please do try to keep this place up to date to show the current state of affairs, strengthening the history and continuity of the community.

  • Next Meeting

Monday 19/9/2011 at 19:00 brewing workshop in the hacker space. We will experiment with kvas traditional brew from Eastern Europe (Russia) and we will do another probiotic water kefir or yogurt based drink like ginger ale etc.

  • Next Event

has to be specified

  • Archive

091 Brew Masters workshop 5/9/2011

091 Brew Masters meeting 15/6/2011

091 Brew Masters meeting 8/6/2011

091 Brew Masters meeting 01-02/6/2011

091 Brew Masters meeting 26/5/2011

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