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Pictures: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/endenizen/sets/72157606343252113/ endenizen]
Rent asked: around $2000
Rent asked: around $2000

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Pictures: endenizen

Rent asked: around $2000

Movein: soon

Ready to move in: yes

Space & Time

2 small exclusive rooms. Large shared space with Dimension 7. 2 bathrooms (one with shower). D7 will schedule events (sometimes weekly) which will use the large shared space and usually includes on-site filming and/or web streaming. These events are typically at night from 6pm-midnight. A couple members of D7 live at the location.

Public Transit

3 blocks from Embarcadero bart/muni station. Short muni ride (or approx. 1.4 mile walk) from Caltrain.

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