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== Who's going? ==
== Who's going? ==
  * [[User:Ioerror |Jake Appelbaum]]
  * [[User:Ioerror |Jake Appelbaum]]
* [[User:Yerdua | Audrey Penven]]

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Submit a talk!

Sunday the 5th of October is the last day to submit a talk. Please do it!

Where to stay?

Renting an apartment with a group of people is a great idea. If you can book a hotel room at the Park Inn, it's near to the BCC. If you're lucky, you'll be able to link up via wifi!

How to get there?

You'll be able to find cheap tickets on Kayak.

How long are people staying?

Side trips?

Things you'll want or need to get in Berlin

Who's going?

* Jake Appelbaum
*  Audrey Penven