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* Mitch -- 26-Dec through 7-Jan
* Mitch -- 26-Dec through 7-Jan
* your name here -- your dates here
* Myriam & Theo Joire (a couple) -- 26-Dec through 2-Jan

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Mitch is renting an apartment in Berlin for 27C3, and a bit beyond. New Years in Berlin is totally crazy, and worth checking out! And, of course, Chaos Congress is a highlight of any year.

Mitch is renting the apartment from 26-December through 7-January. I haven't rented the place yet, so I don't know the price, but it will depend also on how many of us are there for how many days each.

If you would like to join in, please add your name here, and the dates you think you'll like to be at the apartment:

  • Mitch -- 26-Dec through 7-Jan
  • Myriam & Theo Joire (a couple) -- 26-Dec through 2-Jan
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