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==Other cool stuff happening then==
==Other cool stuff happening then==
*28c3 c-base afterparty
*raumfahrtagentur trockendock chillout

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What is it?

It's a hacker conference in Berlin, taking place December 27th - 30th 2010.


Mailing list

Who's going?

Member of Noisebridge? Friends and family of Noisebridge? If you feel like this could be helpful to others, please fill out this contact list as fully as you like.

User Arrival Departure Housing (Local) Number Digital Contact (Email, VoIP, IM) Other Destinations Notes
rubin110  ?  ?  ? Email, XMPP Unknown I'll be on Google Latitude
User:Mid 25-ish Dec  ? mid@zigamorph.net AMS
MetaVolutioN 8 Dec 5 Jan true meta [at] c-base {dot} de SF, SH, VC berlin hackspace
tour event guide


List apartments looking for folks here. around max. 5 hackerdorm accomodation at Project HackFlat Berlin Hackerfleet CCC NB CB

SIM cards

Blau.de is a great brand, you can get SIM cards from Media Mart. They offer data, more details to come.

Additionally keep in mind that most larger stores will be closed on Sundays.

local .DE 3G SIM cards can be pre-arranged.

Other cool stuff happening then

  • 28c3 c-base afterparty
  • raumfahrtagentur trockendock chillout
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