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Information about any printer accessible within the Noisebridge network should be listed here. If you're adding a new printer, a good suggestion would be to post user/password information physically onto the printer.

If you need to connect to a printer try searching for printers within your OS's printer config doodad. Currently they should automagically show up, if not see what tossing around the IP address of a printer can do for you.

HP LaserJet 2200dt


  • IP:
  • Config page:
  • Username/password: Posted on the printer
  • Toner: HP 96A (C4096A)


  • 20081116 by Rubin: Printer is up and running, on the network. The original toner in the machine leaves a ton of black marks on print outs and generally sucks. Another used toner which Andy provided has been stuffed in and seems to provide cleaner (though slightly lighter) print outs then the previous one.
  • 20090310: by Andy: New off-brand toner cartridge installed (sometime in February), printing is much improved now.

Config Info

------ HP JetDirect Configuration ------            --------------- IPX/SPX ----------------
Status:                   I/O Card Ready            Status:       UNABLE TO SENSE NET NUMBER
Model Number:                     J7934A            Primary Frame Type:          Auto Select
Hardware Address:           0001E6E1AA84                                                    
Firmware Version:                C.25.85            Network        Frame Type           Rcvd
LAA:                        0001E6E1AA84                                                    
Port Config:                  100TX HALF                                                    
Auto Negotiation:                     On                                                    
Manufacturing ID:         25804411902580                                                    
Date Manufactured:               03/2004                                                    
                                                    ------------ Novell/NetWare ------------
---------- Security Settings -----------            Status:                               16
Admin Password:                Specified              NOT CONFIGURED                        
Secure Web:               HTTPS Optional            Node Name:          NOISEBRIDGE-HP2200DT
Cert Expires:       2009-03-01 00:00 UTC                                                    
SNMP Versions:                       1;2            NetWare Mode:               Queue Server
SNMP Set Cmty Name:        Not Specified            NDS Tree Name:                          
Access List:               Not Specified                                                    
                                                    NDS Context:                            
---------- Network Statistics ----------                                                    
Total Packets Received:              268                                                    
Unicast Packets Received:            241            SAP Interval:                     60 sec
Bad Packets Received:                  0            Attached Server:                        
Framing Errors Received:               0                                                    
Total Packets Transmitted:           323                                                    
Unsendable Packets:                    0                                                    
Transmit Collisions:                   0                                                    
Transmit Late Collisions:              0                                                    
                                                    -------------- AppleTalk ---------------
---------------- TCP/IP ----------------            Status:                            Ready
Status:                            Ready                                                    
                                                    Name:               NOISEBRIDGE-HP2200dt
                                                    Zone:                                  *
Host Name:          NOISEBRIDGE-HP2200dt            Type 1:                    LaserJet 2200
IP Address:                    Type 2:                      LaserWriter
Subnet Mask:                 Network Number:                    65281
Default Gateway:                Node Number:                           4
Config By:                        Manual                                                    
BOOTP/DHCP Server:         Not Specified            --------------- DLC/LLC ----------------
TFTP Server:               Not Specified            Status:                            Ready
Config File:               Not Specified                                                    
Domain Name:             noisebridge.net                                                    
DNS Server:         
WINS Server:               Not Specified
Idle Timeout:                    270 sec
Web JetAdmin URL:          Not Specified
mDNS Service Name:                      
HP LaserJet 2200 (0001E6E1AA84)