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30th Chaos Communication Congress

What is it?

It's a hacker conference in Hamburg, Germany, taking place December 27th - 30th 2013.



Mailing list

Who's going?

Member of Noisebridge? Friends and family of Noisebridge? If you feel like this could be helpful to others, please fill out this contact list as fully as you like.

User Arrival Departure Housing (Local) Number Digital Contact (Email, VoIP, IM) Other Destinations Notes
SuperQ 2013-12-26 2013-12-30 true SuperQ
Mitch ? ? ? ? mitch *at* CornfieldElectronics *dot* com
Skype: maltman23
? I'm setting up a huge Hardware Hacking Area (as always), please lemme know if you wanna help, or if you want to do a workshop.
kalessin 2013-12-26 2013-12-30 not yet kalessin nope I'll be with friends in the LSE assembly.


List apartments looking for folks here.

Other cool stuff happening then