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Noisebridge 311

311 is Noisebridge's own local, non-emergency contact number.

If there is a real emergency (fire, floods, foes, fenestration) always CALL 911 first. We're anarchists, but we're not insane. You should probably call 311 after that though.

Here's how to access NB311:

  • Pick up one of the local payphones, and dial 311 (you won't be charged for this call)
  • Dial 415-494-2858 and type '311' at the prompt.

A text message will be sent to a group of people who have volunteered, and you'll be dropped into a conference call, which the volunteers will use to get organized. Ask your questions there.

  • If power or Internet is down at NB, use your phone to email a message with your phone number and the nature of the non-emergency to nb311 at the name of the hackerspace, dot net.
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