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Noisebridge 311

311 is Noisebridge's own local, non-emergency contact number. Dial +1 415 494 2858 ext 311.

If there is a real emergency (fire, floods, foes, fenestration) always CALL 911 first.

You should probably call Noisebridge 311 after that though.

Calling 311

  • Pick up one of the local payphones, and dial 311 (you won't be charged for this call)
  • ..Or dial +1 415-494-2858 from any phone and type '311' at the prompt.

A text message will be sent to a group of people who have volunteered, and you'll be dropped into a conference call, which the volunteers will use to get organized. Stay on the line, and explain things there.

  • If power or Internet is down at NB, use your phone to email a message with your phone number and the nature of the non-emergency to nb311 at the name of the hackerspace, dot net. Someone will call you back.


If you'd like to volunteer to be on the 311 rosta, please mail secretary at noisebridge.net, and give a SMS gateway address for your phone (something like <yournumber>@tmomail.net) . Here's a useful list of SMS gateways for many of the phone providers.

Occasionally you will get a message on your phone that says something like:

   415-555-12345 (Norton Joshua) just called Noisebridge 311. Please call XXXX

Call the number given to join a conference call.

Often calls require visiting the space or organizing assistance for those in the space.