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Noisebridge's 3D printing station is one of our Fabrication Resources.

  • CHANNELS: We have a #3dprinting channel on Slack.
  • RESOURCES: We have a number of 3D printers documented below which are available for use.
  • EVENTS: We used to have weekly Replicator Wednesday. Want to restart it? Volunteer to make them happen again!
RECRUITING! 2+ maintainer volunteers needed, please volunteer to become a maintainer. Edit

Threedprinter area.JPG


Working Printers[edit]

Broken Printers[edit]


M3D Micro[edit]

Very slow printer, though also low-fuss. Appears to be working but I haven't yet taken the time to wait for a print to get all the way through. Not good for very large or very fine prints.


There are many colors of filament spools to use for printing projects. Take note of which plastic type your filament is and choose settings appropriately. The wrong plastic can damage the printer and make your prints look look like drek.

  • Note: Replicator defaults are feedrate 40 and 220 degrees C. Setting them to feedrate 80 brings up an accelerated settings warning. The printer is ready to handle 80.

ABS Plastic[edit]

  • Feedrate: 80
  • Travel feedrate: 80
  • Temperature: 230 degrees C
  • Buildplate 110 degrees C
  • Print on yellow kapton tape
  • Smells like cancer

PLA Plastic[edit]

  • Feedrate: 80
  • Travel feedrate: 100
  • Temperature: 180-230 degrees C (depends on brand, check spool, cross fingers)
  • Print on blue painter's tape
  • Smells like Canadian maple syrup


  • Do not leave 3D printer jobs unattended. Leaving print job will result in project being tossed.


The 3D printing printing hackstation is a kiosk with the following items necessary for 3D printing:

  • 3D printer
  • Pegboard
    • Blue masking tape to coat the build platform.
    • Wedge to scrape builds off of the tape.
      • Autobody chisel works best.
    • Ruler
    • Duster spray can to clean out parts
    • Files to file down parts
    • Scraps box for recycling of wasted parts.
    • Showcase box for showing cool things to inspire people with.
    • Cleaning Reminder Sign: (Please help keep NOISEBRIDGE tidy by keeping this area clean.)
  • Overhead Shelf
    • Filament spools rack
  • 3D Printer tools box
    • elmers glue
    • Kapton tape
    • box cutter
    • usb cables of various ends (micro, b)
    • screw driver
    • plastic scraper
    • allen keys


Wish list:

  • sandpaper
  • working 3d printers


  • Design a 3D printing merit badge (3D printed in a merit badge shape with velcro attached to the back).

  • Giant 3d-printer
- canabalizing 2 makerbot replicators

Would you like to help organize a new weekly 3D printing workshop?[edit]

If you are interested in organizing a new regular 3D printing meetup or reviving Replicator Wednesdays, do it!

  • Let User:Lxpk know and he will assist with updating the wiki and organizing your event or project.

Past 3D Printing Things[edit]