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Contact: Bill (NoStarch Press)


40 Ringold St is located in outer SoMa (South of Market Street) - the area is known for "dot com" (technology) companies, light industrial businesses, shopping and residential dwellings (typically lofts or apartments). In general this part of town is considered "relatively safe" - that is, the typical metro large city common sense rules apply.

Public Transit

BART]'s Civic Center station is roughly 3 blocks away, Muni has a number of close-by bus lines: 14, 12, etc


Within a few blocks a number of eatery options exist:

  • Harvest Urban Market - a local version of Whole Foods meets Berkeley Bowl, with a sprinkle of Rainbow Coop. The produce area and pre-made goods are no where as extensive as Berkeley Bowl, but certainly a notch up from Safeway. They're believed to be open till 10ish and sell alcohol; vegetarians are recommenced here.
  • CostCo - a proud example of American capitalism and "bigger is better". This membership warehouse has pizza, chicken caesar salads, hot dogs, roasted chickens, and "chicken bakes" (a mash-up of pizza crush meets left-overs of chicken salad) available for sale. Rotating specials in the rear of the store include oven-bakable pizza, sushi, pasta and other food items that are generally microwave'able. Costco requires a $50/year membership fee, closes @ 20:30 on weekends and
  • Thai place
  • Trader Joes


Mr. S Leathers & Co - Largely considered the "Nordstorm" of BDSM & fetish gear; clearly not your typical seedy back-alley sex toy store. Infact, Mr. S sells a number of imported high quality toys and supplies along with extensive designs produced within their own walls; well worth dragging out-of-towners too.