5MoF/2010/04 15

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“Treatise on Caractacus’ Uniform” (Leo Tolstoy)
“Exactly Where You Don’t Want To Be: The First Two Weeks of My New Job” (Danny O’Brien)
“Why you should tear apart your Powerbook 165c” (Jake)
“Starting Thailand’s first Hackerspace” (Kirit Sælensminde)
“Iacienda Project” (Ozzy Satori)
“Time lapse to the max – an Android app” (Don French)
“Drunk Spelling Bee” (davidfinedavidfinedavidfine)
“Home-made Kelly Clarkson ‘Breakaway’ Song using Computer-Generated Voice” (Bill Nye)
“Stealing Cookies for Fun and Profit” (Micah Lee)
“How sequential selection can produce cooperative communities without a Darwinian mechanism.” (Lee Worden)
“Machine-Generated Poetry” (Synthesize.us)
“For Soy, With Love and Gratitude” (Lulu Wong)

The event was held at 8PM at 2169 Mission. Thanks to all the audience and participants.