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83C Wiese St is on the ground floor of a commercial fourplex on a narrow alley just off of 16th St very near Mission St.


  • big downstairs room, 30'x20' (plus bathroom and kitchen). Tiled throughout.
  • a smaller downstairs "fishbowl" room, 10'x12' approx + closet
  • upstairs loft, 30'x15', shoji sliding screens + closets. Carpeted.


  • electric service looks solid, I counted 8 20A breakers + 1 30A
  • kitchenette with electric stove, dorm fridge (stocked with Guiness!)
  • ventilation to roof from stove (easily extended to a fume hood or machine room
  • lots of leftover startup wiring, we probably want to tear it all out and start
  • lots of room for presentations
  • 4 closets total (big, too); lots of nook and cranny storage space
  • "bike cubbyhole" near door
  • bathroom + shower (drain in middle of floor, ghetto but workable)
  • private entrance, we can do our own access control
  • incredibly convenient to BART and food and fun


  • small, only 1ksf or so -- I'd be much happier with 1500.
  • not very much isolation; you'd have a hard time having a workshop upstairs whi
  • front door opens on Wiese St, which is a crackhead urinal.
  • space opens directly out front door; crackhead theater in the street sounds ve
  • space apparently has flooding problems (flooded in big rain in 200x)
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