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The Oogles

There is a common misconception that Amber has been bringing people into the space who seem to have gotten the impression Noisebridge is a 24-hour hangout and drop-in center, whether or not sleep is permission. With refrigeration where you can leave your consummation.

The following people have used Noisebridge as a crashpad and the general sentiment seems to be that they are not making the space more Excellent.

  • Alabama
  • Anthony
  • Ashley a/k/a Blondie a/k/a Soldier Boy
  • Delta
  • Purple
  • Tall guy with a goatee and black and white bandana - Jedi?
  • Guy with a cane who isn't Zack
  • Ken H.
  • Cynthia
  • That guy who all he ever does is play guitar

If you know the names of the nameless please revise the wiki accordingly.

If you ask someone to leave the space, please remember to first and foremost remain Excellent - respectful and calm but firm. If the decision to leave is contested, let them know they can come to a Tuesday night meeting at 8 pm to defend their actions. If they opt to do so, please also come to defend yours as well.


Skinnyish, slightly stooped, 50 years old, curly brown hair to the shoulders, wears a golf-style cap and black jacket with Noisebridge sticker. I have often heard him engage in loud arguments and also inappropriate discussions. I overheard him giving a tour of the space today where he explained that Noisebridge "used to be" about communications and technology, but now it's about Occupy and making food in the kitchen. He lives close by and has a key. James refused to attend a Tuesday meeting to explain himself.

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