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This is a place to keep track of unexcellent behavior and people who have been asked to leave Noisebridge so that the community has some way to police itself.

If you ask someone to leave the space, please remember to first and foremost remain Excellent - respectful and calm but firm. If the decision to leave is contested, let them know they can come to a Tuesday night meeting at 8 pm to defend their actions. If they opt to do so, please also come to defend yours as well.

You may wish to indicate your own name along with your description if you want your concerns taken seriously.

If you know the names of the nameless please revise the wiki accordingly.


  • (edited by self) James Y (tall, goatee, black bandana)
  • I have NOT been sleeping in the space. But I am a night owl.
  • I; at heart; am a: Hacker, Scholar, Philosopher, Psychologist, Sociologist, Scientist, and anything else I choose to be.
  • I did, essentially, plan to attend every class offered by the space, but, I have been very busy with other endeavors the space has assisted me with.
  • I have purchased a Noisebridge T-Shirt to show my appreciation for what it stands for.
  • I Have donated at least 4 lb.s of coffee. (n/m, i know) And bunch of tea that just disappeared.(I know it didn't go too far, lol.)
  • I Also purchased dish soap twice now for the space at times when it was needed. (Again, wish it was more.)
  • I have not used the space to store anything, less the projects I started, that were soon after, tossed or hacked by others.
  • I squared off with Jon(athon) every step of the way as he made his attempts that ONE Saturday night, even when we all thought he really did have a gun. I stopped him from getting to the fire escape, restrained him with the help of Rayc and Derek to remove from him, his bags. Then I personally, and physically, removed him from the space via wrist/arm-lock and force.
  • There was an incident where I had began to hack three old computer towers. After I was done for the night, I cleaned up, I put it all away. After only 12 hours, I returned to find that someone had taken up my hack and finished stripping most of it all that I needed, but they didn't clean up after themselves. So I not only lost my hack, I was blamed for their mess.

I DO try to associate with everyone, So guilty by lifestyle and association, I suppose. I am house-less, But I still have the passion to create, to learn, to dabble, and hack. I still know what respect is. Ending up on this list has halted my decision to join for the moment. I feel like I almost threw money away! I'm being called a Oogle? Excuse me, That is offensive! What happened to being excellent to each other?? -Jedi

  • it is possible you have been unfairly maligned after we all freaked out with the mass number of hobo-ish folk who have planted down roots in our fairspace. I would be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. My brethren may be of a similar mind. Come to Tuesday meeting and chill out. I appreciate you were able to help remove Jonathon without being stabbed.


  • I realize it's hard to define 'hacking'. I'm not sure if I'm much of a hacker. All I do is show up for a couple of classes a week. Last week I showed some guy how to insert Debian Stable into his laptop. Am I a hacker? Not sure. But I'm pretty sure showing up every day at 6 and cooking up a mess of free food for the Occupiers is farther from the definition of hacking.
  • User:Hurtstotouchfire 05:33, 12 February 2012 (UTC): This evening I met Amber and her friend Nick and talked with her about sleeping in the space. She says that she's new to the community and that there have been false rumors spread about her. I got her email address and will chat with her a bit more later either electronically or in the space. Update: talked to Amber a little more that evening. She said that she objected to someone waking a sleeper once because she had just given the sleeper in question a massage and he dozed off. It was 4 or 5am at the time. I suggested that 4am massages might be more appropriate for someone's house since they tend to lead to sleeping, and sleeping is a really touchy issue in the space right now. Amber is not on the mailing list and didn't know about the wiki or the tuesday meeting. I encouraged her to get involved if she wants to keep hanging around. She is keeping a personal supply of food in the kitchen, including a flat of eggs. I haven't looked all the way though it and I didn't ask her about it (maybe I should have). She told me that she was available for helping people with astrology and that she bakes pies in the middle of the night but didn't seem to be interested in any of Noisebridge's resources other than the kitchen, couches and wifi. She identifies as an occupier. She seems like probably a reasonably nice person but not especially interested in understanding the established community agreements about excellence. She seems to think all of her behavior is excellent. She seemed pretty annoyed at me by the end of our discussion. Rayc also spent much of the discussion pretending to be her lawyer ("My client..." jokes) even though I asked him to stop and pointed out that I'm not a cop and I'm not their mom, I'm just trying to understand what's going on at noisebridge.
  • About 5'2", female, brown stringy shoulder length hair, mid to late 20s. Amber has by all accounts been bringing in new people to hang out on a regular basis. The primary attraction for said people seems to be her own prolific cooking and kitchen access in general, which makes their presence in general a non-benefit to the space. (Jesse Z.)
  • Amber is an excellent person and she does not belong on the 85 page. It seems like your complaint with Amber is that she has friends. I have met her friends and most are good people. I had a talk with her the other day and told her to be careful not to bring anyone into the space who is not a creative/hacker type. She agreed to be mindful of the people she invites. I propose removing Amber from the 85 page unless there is some reason you can articulate that she should remain here. (Alan)
  • Some people have friends. Some people do not have friends. who cares. Amber is one of the fundamental reasons Noisebridge is turning into San Francisco's newest homeless drop in center, with free wireless and a place to store your food and extra clothing, because of her. She needs to go.
  • Amber is, by all accounts, dumb as nails. She should go on 86.
  • For my money, I've articulated to others that Amber is not quite dumb as a gym sock. I think there's a reason she's become the de facto leader of the directionless: she has slightly more common sense and understanding of best practices for societal interaction than the rest of them, and plus her raging, incorrigible maternal tendencies. She just has an unjustifiably outsized estimation of her own abilities and a staggeringly profound lack of critical thinking. Maybe it would be an awesome class for Noisebridge and the community at large if someone wants to put on an Intro to Science and Logic course and invite Amber? I'm not joking; I think this, like the intolerably classist and condescending Science for Juggalos, would be an invaluable service for an increasingly scientifically illiterate electorate in an increasingly informationally complex world.
  • It's quite possible she should just be asked to not come back, though
  • Look, I realize Amber, despite her protestations, was the catalyst for much of this. But, to my knowledge, she's never been escorted out of the space. Recently, in fact, she has been making an effort to be more productive, disavow her previous aquaintances, and integrate/interface better with the space. This has redeemed her in the eyes of some, but by no means all, regulars. So she dresses like a hippie and engages in logical fallacies when debating. If that's enough to not want her in the space, then grow a pair and ask her respectfully to not come back until the next Tuesday meeting. If not, then shut up and stop talking shit, or at least filling up 85 with rants.
  • there was a mysterious complete lack of Occupiers in the space tonight during circuit hacking. Maybe they fled when they heard Mitch Altman was comin' to town, or maybe the lack of Amber is a 1-to-1 correlation. I'm not sure. I hope they aren't secretly gathering their strength to lay siege to tomorrow night's meeting.


  • Skinnyish, slightly stooped, 50 years old, curly brown hair to the shoulders, wears a golf-style cap and black jacket with Noisebridge sticker. I have often heard him engage in loud arguments and also inappropriate discussions. I overheard him giving a tour of the space today where he explained that Noisebridge "used to be" about communications and technology, but now it's about Occupy and making food in the kitchen. He lives close by and has a key. James refused to attend a Tuesday meeting to explain himself. (Jesse Z.)
  • His loud and inane discussions and conversations (usually on the politics of homelessness) have caused me to seek out a quieter place to hack on at least two occasions. (Jonathan T.)


  • (formerly Marines baseball cap, Southern accent, sideburns and a moustache)
  • The first night 'Bama was here he slept in the chair next to the television, and was openly dismissive of anybody who asked him to respect the space and tried to encourage him to be excellent. When he was finally awakened, he acted indignant, as if it was his right to sleep at Noisebridge, and borderline hostile. When asked to leave he complied, but not without vocally objecting, getting names, and vowing to come to the next meeting. He never did.


  • a/k/a Blondie a/k/a Soldier Boy
  • Average to muscular build, early 20's male, permed and partly bleached hair long above the neck, frequently wears military gear. Was very unfriendly when asked about his use of the space on two occasions and declined to attend a Tuesday meeting (Jesse Z.)
  • sometimes carries a big flag on the end of a pole


Ken H.

  • Justin DOES NOT like him and went off on him when he encountered him in the space, making a scene and causing him to leave. This is all due to previous, outside-the-space drama, but there was also an incident of alleged theft that perhaps rayc can elaborate on...?
  • If Justin doesn't like him, I think I LOVE this guy. KIDDING. There were a couple of hobos threatening with vivid biblical language furious vengeance upon Ken for some unnamed transgression.
  • I asked Ken to repair a friend's computer, as Ken indicated that he was fully capable of it. When I came back to Noisebridge the next day, my friend's harddrive was missing from his computer. The computer was also located in the same exact location and opened as if it was still being worked on. I then later talked to Ken about it, and he stated "I finished the repair last night, put it in the facilities closet, and then left." This was a lie and the harddrive was never recovered.
  • has tattoos on his knuckles and the back of his hands.


  • That guy who all he ever does is play guitar
  • This person's name is Nyle, and when I spoked to him all he ever talks about is playing guitar. It is rather peculiar that he stays here every single night to play his guitar, and make food. In addition I haven't seem him do much else besides hang out in the exact same place in the library using his laptop or playing his guitar. (Rayc)
  • He's ALWAYS in the chair next to the bookshelves in the middle of the space. Asian. Is doing something on his netbook with headphones plugged in. I bet he's there right now.
  • Nyle hasn't been seen in the space since Saturday Feb 18 2012. He moved his guitar, guitar case and netbook. He should probably be required to recite poetry on the spot if sighted again.
  • And that was the day the music died.