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If a man has put a spell upon another man, and has not justified himself, the one who is charged with sorcery shall go to the holy river, he shall plunge into the holy river, and if the holy river overcomes him, his accuser shall take his estate. If the holy river shows that man to be innocent and has saved him, he who charged him with sorcery shall be put to death and the man who plunged into the river shall take the estate of him who brought the charge against him.

This is a place to keep track of unexcellent behavior and people who have been asked to leave Noisebridge so that the community has some way to police itself. Please date any entry made to this page. There is a limited time that this information is relevant.

If you ask someone to leave the space, please remember to first and foremost remain Excellent - respectful and calm but firm. If the decision to leave is contested, let them know they can come to a Tuesday night meeting at 8 pm to defend their actions. If they opt to do so, please also come to defend yours as well.



  • Thinks this wiki page is fucked up. --rubin110 10:19, 5 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Alan agrees, see https://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/noisebridge-discuss/2012-June/031226.html
  • Justin agrees as well. Feels past representation of myself on this page does not represent who I am now in the present.
  • Justin feels that this page in particular was the catalyst to all of his drama several months back.
  • Justin also no longer feels guilty or embarrassed at all for what he did, because after all he feels he's a human being (a beautiful one at that) that makes mistakes and learns and grows from them. If Robert Albert Young Chu still desires to try and make Justin feel horrible for spitting in his face after a night of heavy drinking, then that's a classic example of tribulations and insecurities within Robert that he has yet to come to terms with purportedly being psychologically projected onto Justin himself against Justin's free will.

In short, it's not Justin's fault that Robert hates himself and the world anymore. It's up to Robert to decide if he's going to remain completely miserable for the rest of his life, or get his shit together and embrace rather than estrange relationships with friends and others who love him and want to be in his life. He feels RAYC needs to stop being so incredibly bitter and dramatic about everything. The above statement can be said about me at times, in order to dodge accusations of hypocrisy.

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