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People who have fucked up, to the point where they are no longer welcome at Noisebridge, may have their pictures posted on the cork board to the left of the elevator (top floor). If you have photos of banned individuals, please e-mail them to noisebridge-discuss.



This person named Ilya was behaving irrationally, and confused his own backpack with Patricks, causing suspicion that he was intending to steal things. He also put on Patricks' clothes and said he thought people were allowed to use whatever items were in the space. He had some small, and not particularly valuable, items that he had pocketed, and had stashed random, not valuable, items in the bathroom. He was unable to explain his behavior to Dr. J and was handed over to police, who did not take him into custody, and he was told not to return to Noisebridge.

He was with his brother Alex who did not do anything sketchy and should not be banned. -jake



This guy went into the back classroom and took Rayc's wallet out of his backpack. Rayc saw him with the wallet in his hand and the guy tried to say it was his. He then started running towards the door and was tackled by Jake. We made him show us that nothing was in his pockets, and he kept avoiding the big pocket in the front of his jacket. This pocket turned out to have Sasha's smart phone. During the search his crack pipe fell onto the floor and broke into many pieces. We let him go and told him not to come back.


Was helping with the Noisebride ustream webcasts. He was asked not to come back due to allegations of organizing illegal activities from within Noisebridge and theft. He had a proxy return to the space a few days later on his behalf to retrieve blankets, etc. that he'd apparently stashed in the darkroom. What his proxy took was apparently not the blankets that he wanted, and he shortly thereafter came upstairs and went into the darkroom, himself leaving with a couple bedsheet-lookin' things. The fabric his associate had taken was found in a heap at the bottom of the elevator and returned to the darkroom. Several days later he returned to Noisebridge with his hand shoved in a gym bag, claiming he had as he continued pushing past people to get into the main space, screaming constantly about killing eveyone and then himself. that everyone was to leave, or he would kill them all. He also claimed that the cops were hot on his trail and would arrive at Noisebridge at any moment, and that he intended to provoke a suicide-by-cop. Not sure on whether or not he did have a gun people were not taking a chance as they filed for the exit. However, Derek, Jedi, Rayc, Ben, stayed behind, calling him on his bullshit, four people swarmed him as he made a b-line sprint for the fire escape. They wrestled him to the floor and removed his bags away from him. Jedi arm barred and escorted Jonathan down the stairs to the sidewalk where he instantly sought out the nearest quickly-amassing phalanx of squad cars. Immediate consensus was that he is not welcome in the space again.



Male, early 20's, Asian, black beard and hair, 5'8". Please post photo if available.

For more information on Nyle, see 85. Nyle has been spending a whole lot of time at the space recently - perhaps half his days. He never hacks anything and makes no secret of the fact that he never will. Jesse Z and Alan asked him to not come back repeatedly (February - March '12). If he does come back, please escort him out and tell him that he can explain himself at a Tuesday meeting if he would like to.


See the 85 page. Stole from the member's shelves and from me. -- Rayc