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Hundreds of people visit Noisebridge every week, and nearly all of them are excellent to each other!

What is this page?

This page lists people who have fucked up, to the point where they are no longer welcome at Noisebridge.

If you have photos of banned individuals, please e-mail them to noisebridge-discuss.

If you are listed on this page and would like to not be, either because you think you should be welcome at Noisebridge again or because you agree to not return, the best thing to do is probably to send an email to nb-mediation@lists.riseup.net and state so. Do not use this email to explain what happened or what went wrong.

An example email to nb-mediation@lists.riseup.net:

From: Jane Hacker <jane@hacker.systems>
To: nb-mediation@lists.riseup.net
Subject: My 86 page listing

Hi, I would like to be taken off of the 86 page. Could someone please contact me?

You will be contacted off-list, as this mailing list is not for discussion.

See also

Reciprocal Ban Agreements

Noisebridge has a reciprocal ban agreements with some other local hackerspaces. Anyone banned on these lists is banned from visiting Noisebridge.

Reciprocal Ban Lists

Banned Individuals

Name Picture(s), if present Description

Jeff was asked to leave Noisebridge after many conversations. He kept bringing sketchy phones into Noisebridge, thought to be stolen. He was asked about a phone stolen in Noisebridge. He continued to change the OS's on computers after being told not to do so. In all of these occasions he behaved in ways that made people at Noisebridge very uncomfortable. Jeff is no longer welcome at Noisebridge. June-2017
Patrick (aka Jin)
Patrick (aka Jin) was caught stealing a computer from Noisebridge. He is no longer welcome at Noisebridge. May-2017
Damian was making people uncomfortable with his erratic interactions. He was probably high. Damian refused to leave when asked. Damian is not welcome at Noisebridge. Apr-2017
Tara was asked not to have her dogs at Noisebridge when they were making people very uncomfortable. She responded quite poorly and lied about the circumstances. Mar-2017
Ben Woosley
Ben Woosley
Ben Woosley
Ben Woosley engaged in non-consensual sex (aka rape) with someone who comes to Noisebridge. He acknowledges the sex was non-consensual but insists it isn't rape. He is not welcome at Noisebridge. Feb-2017
Daily Swa Laurel
Daily Swa Laurel
Banned from Counter Culture Labs and The Omni on 7-Feb-2017 for online threats of violence toward a member of Counter Culture Labs. Due to reciprocal ban agreements for reasons of safety, he is automatically also banned from Noisebridge.
Chris Altman
Chris Altman
Continued to sleep at NB after many warnings. He was asked not to come back but waited a few months and lied his way about his good standing in the space, proving that he cannot be trusted. Chris Altman is not allowed to return to Noisebridge. Jan-2017
On 10-December-2016 Nick was asked to leave Noisebridge and not to comeback. He verbally abused our downstairs neighbors at Oh Happy Day. Nick has been warned about his negative and abusive behaviors many times over the years and has not changed his behaviors. He is no longer welcome at Noisebridge.
(name unknown)
(name unknown)
On 3-December-2016 an unidentified person climbed over the front gate, and when Torrie greeted this unidentified person at the stairs, they punched Torrie in the chest.
On 1-December-2016 Kyle was visibly intoxicated in the space while using a blowtorch for glass blowing. We asked him to stop using the blowtorch, he refused and was hostile and insulting. He had to be escorted out by a team of people. He is not welcome back.
After being very helpful and friendly at Noisebridge for several months, others became very concerned and uncomfortable with his growing talk of conspiracies against him at Noisebridge, with hints of violence targeted at those he felt were part of the conspiracy. His erratic behavior and the above threats of violence resulted in Jason being asked to leave Noisebridge at the end of September, 2016.
Lance was formally banned from Noisebridge in September 2016, although he has previously been asked repeatedly to leave and not come back. He refuses to leave the space peacefully and always requires significant effort to get him to to leave Noisebridge. He is a textbook tweaker, who while peaceful in his interactions with people, mutters threats under his breath.
  • Note: He repeatedly tries to come back to the space, even when asked not to return (Once in April 2016, and twice in August/September 2016). If asked to leave, he is not dangerous, although he is quite vocal.
Mark Janssen (Xer0Dynamite)
Mark Janssen
Mark was banned from Noisebridge due to a history of internet hate speech and having been asked to leave Sudo Room. Noisebridge aims to be a space that is inclusive of people of all walks of life, which means we actively work to exclude those with views of intolerance and threats of violence.
Mischa Spiegelmock (wooster)
Mischa Spiegelmack
Mischa was banned from Sudoroom in March 2015 for being "manipulative, dangerous, acts in bad faith and will knowingly exposes Sudoroom members to violent abuse". He's a known troll and has harassed and targeted individual members of their community. Given The reciprocal ban agreement with Sudoroom he is no longer welcome at Noisebridge
Diana in June-2016
Diana was banned at Sudo Room in June-2016 for physical violence against a member. Since Diana was banned for safe space reasons, they are automatically also banned from Noisebridge.

According to an email from Sudo Room: "This was an escalation of a dispute between two people who had an existing relationship and Diana lives very close to sudo room so you shouldn't worry overly about a problem at other hackerspaces." And from the Sudo Room "Asked to Leave" page, Diana "Additionally has been using the space as their living room (playing WoW all day) and caught sleeping at least twice."

Bunny in March 2016
Asked to take a break in March-2016 after some misunderstandings, but he came back asking at least one person in the space to not tell Mitch or Rubin that he was in the space, and was seen taking away an item of high value. He returned the item, but is no longer welcome at Noisebridge.
Adam in December 2015
Asked to leave having been caught stealing from others in the space.

At several points misused the space in the creation of his "art", hiding large amounts of "art" around the space.

Was caught sleeping in the elevator overnight in late November 2015.

Was asked to take a break in late November 2015 after the sleeping incident and initially agreed to do so, but then returned repeatedly to the space claiming that nothing was wrong.

When confronted about his theft of another member's property he became irate and threatening to them.

Should not be allowed into the space under any circumstances.

Shawn Landden
Shawn Landden 2013
Shawn Landden 2015
Banned by consensus. See here and here.

If Shawn returns, immediately call the police. State he's trespassing, and he has a violent history of assault against individuals and law enforcement.

Arrested in Feb 2014 for assault, breaking a restraining order, harassment and stalking.

Arrest on 4/9/2013 for Assaulting An Officer in Sausalito, Marin County California SEE: here. photo.

1st quarter, 2013

Darren "Crystals Guy"
Darren in Feb 2016
Was asked to leave after spreading his rocks over the hackatorium tables.

Hid salvaged electronics boards that were in the hack shelves onto the top of a high bookshelf, apparently for no reason. Has a compost bin full of sandy rocks he considers crystals. Became angry, yelling at multiple people.

Should never be allowed back into the space.

Darren in Feb 2016

Matt the tweaker
Matt the tweaker
Matt carries a backpack full of shower rings twisted with tangle therapy tangles. He has converted his brain into a computer and is using it to solve the tangles with an algorithm. He is quiet and not aggressive, but very fixated on his tangles and can't form a completed thought, continuing on until you interrupt him.

Persistently tell Matt that "you have to leave now" and walk him out. He will go about 5 feet at a time but is not aggressive.

Kicked out September 2015 - Scotty & fineline

Kicked out October 2015, Twice - Trent & Evil Dan

October 2015

Clayton Hill
Clayton Hill
Clayton Hill
Asked to leave due to being wasted at the space (drugs? alcohol) and when asked to leave threatened violence against Torrie. Reappeared at the space 2 months later and again refused to leave when asked, again threatening violence. It took 7 people and the SFPD to get him to leave. Do not under any circumstances let into Noisebridge. He's to be considered violent and unpredictable

Pidgeon (aka Violet)
Banned from Sudo Room for safety reasons. Banned from Noisebridge for disrupting meetings, climbing over the gate, and other toxic behavior. Has threatened to "cut" people.
Vince lunging at User:Tdfischer taking his picture
Vince belligerently arguing with User:Maltman23 as he was being ejected from Noisebridge on Monday, 5-July-2015
Comes into the space, tweaked to hell and back. Once threatened to shoot Jake. Has no problem with employing violence against people kicking him out. Call the cops.
Donation Box Thieves
Cliff stealing $ from the donation box
Some thieves were recorded breaking open and stealing right out of the donation box. One of them was Cliff. Super lame. Other names unknown.

Junior is the other donation box thief. He has also been 86'd for other reasons as well.

These scummy guys should be confronted and asked to leave on-sight.

Adam (Joseph Adam Moore)
J Adam Moore
aka DieLaughing

Banned by consensus 2013-10-01 for physical assaulting another Noisebridge user and concerning behavior.

See notes and discuss

Relevant: JAdamMooreProbation.png

James Leonard, aka James the Advocate
asked to leave, responded with verbose legal threats.

2nd quarter, 2013

Rob 2.0
Rob 2.0
Around 6 feet. Frequently wears a Giants / Bears baseball cap. Thin, scruffy. Eyes wander around frequently. Kinda looks like Scumbag Steve. Officially banned through consensus — the whole deal. Repeatedly shows up at the space anyway. Kick him out on sight.


This guy went into the back classroom and took Rayc's wallet out of his backpack. Rayc saw him with the wallet in his hand and the guy tried to say it was his. He then started running towards the door and was tackled by Jake. We made him show us that nothing was in his pockets, and he kept avoiding the big pocket in the front of his jacket. This pocket turned out to have Sasha's smart phone. During the search his crack pipe fell onto the floor and broke into many pieces. We let him go and told him not to come back.

Photos indicate this occurred June 6th 2011

Purple (None) See the 85 page. Stole from the member's shelves and from me. -- Rayc
Nyle (None) Male, early 20's, Asian, black beard and hair, 5′ 8″. Please post photo if available.

For more information on Nyle, see 85. Nyle has been spending a whole lot of time at the space recently - perhaps half his days. He never hacks anything and makes no secret of the fact that he never will. Jesse Z and Alan asked him to not come back repeatedly (February - March '12). If he does come back, please escort him out and tell him that he can explain himself at a Tuesday meeting if he would like to.

Jonathan was asked not to come back, due to allegations of organizing illegal activities from within Noisebridge and theft. A few days later, he had a proxy return to the space a few days later on his behalf to retrieve blankets, etc. that he'd apparently stashed in the darkroom. However, what his proxy took was apparently not the blankets that he wanted, and he shortly thereafter came upstairs and went into the darkroom, himself leaving with items that appeared to be bedsheets. The fabric his associate had taken was found in a heap at the bottom of the elevator and returned to the darkroom. Several days later, Jonathan returned to Noisebridge with his hand shoved in a gym bag, claiming he had a gun. He continued pushing past people to get into the main space, screaming constantly about killing everyone and then himself, and that everyone was to leave, or he would kill them all. He also claimed that the cops were hot on his trail and would arrive at Noisebridge at any moment, and that he intended to provoke a suicide-by-cop. Not sure on whether or not he did have a gun, people were not taking a chance as they filed for the exit. However, Derek, Jedi, Rayc, Ben, stayed behind, calling him on his bullshit. Four people swarmed him as he made a b-line sprint for the fire escape. They wrestled him to the floor and removed his bags away from him. Jedi arm barred and escorted Jonathan down the stairs to the sidewalk, bringing him over to the quickly-amassing phalanx of squad cars. Immediate consensus was that he is not welcome in the space again.
This person named Ilya was behaving irrationally, and confused his own backpack with Patricks, causing suspicion that he was intending to steal things. He also put on Patricks' clothes and said he thought people were allowed to use whatever items were in the space. He had some small, and not particularly valuable, items that he had pocketed, and had stashed random, not valuable, items in the bathroom. He was unable to explain his behavior to Dr. J and was handed over to police, who did not take him into custody, and he was told not to return to Noisebridge.

He was with his brother Alex who did not do anything sketchy and should not be banned. -jake


Harvey Grossman
Older guy with longish gray hair, who has often come to Noisebridge with bedding, and has used Noisebridge as a home from time to time. He has been asked to leave, and not come back. He has come back anyway. He has a gate key -- if you see him, demand that he give you the key.

Here is a link to the meeting where Harvey was banned:
And here is the relevant quote:

"Harvey is no longer allowed in the space. Has admitted to stealing, was caught sleeping in the stairwell on many occassions, returned items that belonged to multiple residents of Noisebridge. Was seen and accounted for by multiple members of Noisebridge to be digging in other people's belongings. Many tools and properties of Noisebridge were found among Harvey's things."

On 24th September 2014 Harvey attacked Mitch while trying to interfere with the contents of the mailbox. "If you see Harvey ever again, call the police. He bit my thumb tonight to get back the piece of mail he was taking from our mailbox." If you call the SFPD in relation to Harvey cite the case number 140-810-381 in relation to his assaulting Mitch.

Sid Scott
Caught stealing things from Noisebridge member shelves and hoarding them in the basement. Stole over $1,200 of Circuit_Hacking_Monday gear alone. Was seen re-attempting to gain entry to Noisebridge on 12/10/14[1]
Corey Oberdorfer
Pathological liar. Told Noisebridge that he was on the board of Hayhackers, and told Hayhackers that he was secretary of Noisebridge
Older guy with white combed over hair. Around 5'10. Jean-Jacques was repeatedly caught hoarding large quantities of personal stuff in Noisebridge and subsequently lying about its removal from the space. This culminated in the discovery that JJ had filled approximately 60 boxes worth of stuff into the crawl space beneath the first floor in the basement, directly after having been given an ultimatum to remove all his personal stuff from the space be banned.
Late twenties dude, 5'11. Asked to leave repeatedly by Torrie, Rayc, Rubin and Patrick. Refused to leave the space, made all sorts of claims about folks attempting to discredit their opinions about him. Refused to the point of having the police called. Is associated with Pidgeon and Pirate Mike. Not welcome back in the space.
Robert (aka Rayc)
Was caught living on top of the building's elevator in February-2014, and was banned for 6 months as a warning. He was caught living in the space again in December-2014. It became difficult to trust him. He wore people out in endless discussions with the repeated claim there was some kind of class conspiracy going on within the community. As a result he used up a lot of bandwidth and became severely disruptive to the Noisebridge community. Rayc is no longer allowed in Noisebridge.
Robin Noel
Robin Noel
Was proposed for banning due to use of racial slurs, deliberate intimidation, and harassment[2]. Instead, Robin promised to not return to Noisebridge unless invited back by consensus[3]. His membership was subsequently suspended[4]. Subsequently, he threatened Noisebridge with legal action[5]. Robin is not welcome back in the space.
Tony Longshanks LeTigre
Tony Longshanks LeTigre
Was banned[6] for storing personal belongings in a space behind the elevator, and then subsequently trapping himself there for more than 24 hours, before tunneling through the drywall and then the stairs to escape.[7] [https://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/noisebridge-discuss/2013-June/037893.html
Jeanine Otter
Used Noisebridge's public computer and printer facilities to print at least 25 anti-gentrification flyers featuring the phrase “die techie scum”. Torrie asked Jeanine and two friends to leave and not ever return.
Egon (aka 86me)
Very abusive to people in the space.

In late 2014, after being denied access to the space for being super drunk (with PirateMatt), rather than go away, he popped the top door hinges to gain access. Though often very nice, and helpful, he was asked to stay away from Noisebridge for his abusive and erratic behaviors. He was banned at Sudo Room for safe space reasons after being abusive there. He's now reciprocally banned from Noisebridge for safe space reasons.