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[edit] 880 Harrison / 185 Clara

This is two buildings back-to-back on a single lot, owned and managed by one landlord.

[edit] 880 Harrison #301

  • http://www.project880.com/suite_301.html
  • $2495/mo, 1803sf claimed
  • concrete floors (painted in "toughcoat"), ceilings (10-11 ft?), columns
  • double-pane windows, no screens
  • direct line of sight to I-80
  • north and south exposure, lots of natural light
  • shower, one toilet, kitchenette w/ minifridge (no dishwasher)
  • top floor (3rd). claims "foot of concrete" in the ceiling, but no other insulation.
  • owner pays gas heat, garbage, water, common-area janitorial. no AC (but window units would be trivial).
  • unit has its own electric meter.
  • at least 40A 120VAC (breaker box has 9 20A breakers + 1 30A breaker IIRC).
  • no elevator, which means no ADA -- landlord mentioned this can be an issue with publicly advertised events (drive-by handicap access lawsuits == $$$$).

[edit] 185 Clara #101A

  • http://www.project880.com/185clara.html
  • $2250/mo, 1757sf claimed
  • concrete floors painted a nice brown toughcoat, high ceilings, columns
  • less exposure (open north exposure, limited SE exposure) but still plenty of light.
  • top floor (2nd). Again claims of concrete as insulation.
  • more-hackerly foyer (giant electric distribution box, etc)
  • shared toilet + kitchenette with other tenants (no shower).
  • bizarre sloped floor.
  • no elevator

[edit] Photos

[edit] 880 Harrison #301

[edit] 185 Clara #101A

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