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Allwinner A13 Chinese Tablet

90% of info will come from: https://linux-sunxi.org/Main_Page


  • Board model: TW_A0910_16B_V1.1_0830 (silkscreened). The id tag is searchable as "TW_A0910"
  • Manufacturing: 2013 08 30 (silkscreened)
  • Screen size: 9" , 800x480
  • touch controller: gslx680 - https://github.com/jabjoe/sunxi-gslx680
    • Extracted kernel module (.ko), and firmware(.fw)[really just a register values for settings] from driver: https://jii.moe/4kLOCPMVl.tar.gz / sha256sum: 29d2218ba11ef76dc51c5f949a2c53e7f2ce1677b28782178d30ba1fab1c027e
  • wifi: Realtek RTL8188 - has been in linux kernel forever at this point
  • Power management: AXP209 - drivers should already be in linux-arm-kernel / datenblatt: https://linux-sunxi.org/AXP209
  • Flash: Hynix
  • RAM: 256X16 DDR3 Generic (4GB)


Bootloader & Onboard Flash

  • A13 is now mainlined on U-boot
  • Caveat is that to run completely from the NAND Flash (MTD device), you need some patches
    • MTD device driver as well for using the onboard flash directly
  • VERY IMPORTANT info over here on how to do that: https://linux-sunxi.org/Installing_to_NAND
    • nand-part is used to build the descriptor. Remember to keep partitions for the chain loaders.


Debian on A13 (sun5i)