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Where: 2169

When: Thursdays 5-7pm(ish) click to (re)schedule


  • talk to Deaf people (note: lowercase 'deaf' is the physical condition; capital 'Deaf' is the social/cultural identification)
  • different mode = fun
  • talk clearly in noisy situations
  • talk across a room without interrupting anyone
  • talk through glass
  • talk to temporarily mute people

If you're interested in learning (or teaching) how to sign, or just chatting in ASL, come on by.


  1. 9/23: Start working on music video interpretations, watch some good ones
  2. 9/2: Learn manual alphabet, handshape names, self-introductions and other basic words, and basic grammar overview. FIRST MEETING BONUS: Everyone who participates will get a yummy cookie!

Materials needed for the group[edit]

Got any to donate?

Useful sites[edit]

Local meetups[edit]

  • Thursdays 6-10pm, ASL Café 901 Wawona Street, SF
  • 1st Fridays 6-8pm, Cafe Flore, Castro - Market & Noe, SF
  • 2nd Fridays 7-10pm, Royal Ground Coffee, Downtown Berkeley