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General Access Proposals

This is an outline to determine what we do and don't want an access control system to do. Just trying to keep up the excellence. Most of these came from Thursday's Social Engineers meeting discussion. Right now Hurtstotouchfire is listed as blocking most ideas because she made the page, but she's not alone on most of those, so feel free to add yourself if you're a member in good standing. The goal of this outline is to decide which ideas we should go forward with and which we can stop discussing.

Please comment if you would like to do or block. Extensive discussion should go on the mailing list.

  • Numberpad entry of some sort on front door with viral distribution of codes and the ability to kill codes that co-occur with problems in the space.
  • Remove buzzer entirely
    • At present, this is broadly opposed. Reconsider when keycode access is in place.
  • Periscope for checking who is at door
    • Jake is implementing this.
  • Members only hours
    • Rachel Lyra would block (as would others)
    • Jared would block this as framed. If reframed as buzzer-free/no-walk-in hours, then block removed.
  • Blanket access fee, i.e. $10 to get in
  • Closing down at night (even to members)
    • Come on people, this is silly.
    • How is it silly? The rest of SF shuts down after midnight, Noisebridge can too!
    • Noisebridge is fairly unlike the rest of SF.
    • If this isn't a joke... then Jared would block
  • Cellphone entry only
  • Eliminating hardkeys and using only keycodes
  • install an always locked lock on the door at the top of the stairs to require someone in the space to have to let newcomers in and force at least a cursory vetting and inspection.