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Accessibility is a work in progress. We hope to ensure the space, resources and events are as accessible as possible as we work towards continually improving.

In general, please ask for help to get your access needs met. Anyone in the space should be willing to help out in our "do-ocratic" culture.

Please note: The first floor is a level entrance with the sidewalk and has no steps. The bathroom is wheelchair accessible. The 2nd floor is NOT wheelchair accessible.

To request access assistance in advance: You can write to You can also directly email Lizzard (who is a powerchair user) at with questions about physical access. Or contact folks through:

2261 Market Street #235-A
San Francisco, CA 94114

272 Capp St,
San Francisco, CA 94110

You may also self-advocate for better access through the consensus process.
(Most recent blocked proposals for improved access are from 06/2020).

  • Video Streaming: Noisebridge is conducting some meetings and events online as well as in person so people can participate remotely. Please note, some members do not want to stream classes for privacy reasons.
  • Ground Floor: The new location has ground floor doors. The first floor is wheelchair accessible.
  • Bathrooms: We have a wheelchair accessible bathroom. The bathroom has grab bars and is big enough for most powerchairs.
  • 2nd Floor: For events upstairs, you an ask someone about streaming so you can participate between floors. For equipment that's upstairs, you can ask someone to bring it down; for example, specialty sewing machines, music and electronics equipment, library books, etc.
  • Upstairs Wheelchairs: We plan to keep at least one manual wheelchair upstairs for people with limited mobility who can make it up the stairs and back, but who would find the distances to use the upstairs difficult.
  • Noise: The space can be quite noisy. For low-hearing or deaf folks there will need to be self-advocacy, since no one is trained to specifically to assist with special needs. For events you can request a transcriber - informally, this can be done on Slack (requires invite) or Discord
  • Vision: We don't yet have a great map of the space or any sort of braille for blind or low vision folks. And such a map would be nearly useless because our furniture and tool arrangements change very unpredictably. So it is best to plan to work with other people for access if you are blind or have very low vision.
  • Scents: Scents in the space - This is currently unpredictable. There is active open hacking with many chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For example, we have a large, active laser cutter that gives off fumes (with a fume extractor in use). It is overall best to attend online and ask beforehand if you are able about projects that may give off strong odors. On the bright side, we have GREAT ventilation and an outdoor hacking area on the front porch.
  • Chaos: Noisebridge can be a cluttered, extremely stimulating, chaotic environment. If you crave order and quiet spaces, you may need to help us work towards making that happen! Right now it isn't orderly, quiet, or predictable.

Accessibility Guild maintains the accessibility of Noisebridge.

RECRUITING! Maintainer volunteers wanted, consider volunteering to become a maintainer. (Edit)

Streaming Participation

  • Noisebridge Meetings are being held online.
  • Noisebridge Events like meetups and classes are being held online.
  • We help our event organizers with streaming online so everyone can participate.

Why Streaming Is Essential To All

Streaming is a major priority for as many of our events as possible, as it not only helps people with accessibility issues but also numerous people who might attend events virtually the first time, some of the time or all of the time that they would otherwise not show up for physically.

  • We want to grow our participation and this is a great way to expand our reach.
  • People who attend virtually might like what they see and visit the space as well.
  • COVID and commute distances are reasons why many able-bodied folks still prefer to attend virtually.
  • MOOC courses can serve masses of people around the world and Noisebridge can expand its horizons beyond just teaching locally.

New Space Accessibility

  • Noisebridge's new location has ground floor doors and is half on the ground floor.
  • Plans for intra-floor communications via online access streaming should help people participate with things on the second floor easily.
  • Elevator access to the second floor is being explored.

For the purposes of accessibility, an Electronics bench is downstairs in the hackitorium and a Sewing machine is available downstairs.

Current Accessibility Projects

  • Elevator buildout is needed to make the second floor accessible to anyone who has trouble with the stairs.
  • Layout of areas and within areas needs to be improved to make as many areas, resources and events as accessible as possible.
  • Accessibility culture can be made part of everything we do so that we can open our doors and our streaming to many more new and old participants.

Planned Accessibility Features

As we moved into 272 and planned our buildout, we identified a lot of things we needed to do to improve accessibility. The Noisebridge Space Program/Accessibility page documents our efforts to ensure the new space is accessible.

The following is a summary of some of the planned accessibility features.

  • Pathways: Critical pathways should be marked with taped lanes wide enough for accessibility vehicles and kept clear so all areas remain accessible.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms should be ADA accessible.
    • Support bars should be in place and signage indicating the bathroom is wheelchair accessible.
    • Automatic toilet button should be in place.
    • Emergency call button should be in place.
  • Doors: Doors should be accessible for wheelchair users.
    • Automatic doors will be looked into.
    • Buzzers to request help with doors when those aren't in place.
  • Tactile Accessibility: We don't yet have any braille technology expertise but we can look into braille tech to help those who want to use it.
  • Audio Accessibility: Hearing aids could be stocked.
  • Privacy: Streaming signage will alert people to live streams. Cameras and microphones will be announced and marked with signage to allow anyone who does not consent to being recorded.

Accessibility Policy Drafting Process

We are drafting accessibility statements and policies. These are work-in-progress and will be updated every meeting till completed.

Accessibility Statement Drafts

insert latest update here

Accessibility Policy Drafts

Accessibility Policy:

Noisebridge is dedicated to providing an accessible and boundary-free experience, regardless of any physical or mental constraints. We consider accessibility and ADA-compliance for people at our events and space to be of the utmost importance in encouraging education, creativity and equal access for all.

The standard of Excellence for accessibility is to prioritize the access and participation of disabled community members. Noisebridge shall be as open and accessible as possible.

In addition, we ask users of Noisebridge to keep in mind the relative social significance of privacy activism in the United States today. The nature of privacy may limit specific access on a case-by-case basis, but never for the sake of simple inconvenience or as an excuse to limit accessibility for those who are otherwise unable to participate at Noisebridge.

Different users of Noisebridge have different levels of access to the space and events. We acknowledge that both ableism and disability awareness is not enough to provide and maintain accessibility at Noisebridge.

When you are running an event or presentation at Noisebridge, provide reasonable notice and warning to allow others the opportunity to participate if they wish. With this — as anything else — each person has a responsibility to be considerate of the accessibility levels of others. Participation, projects, and events should strive to exist in a culture of equal access.