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noisebridge has MOVED!  Meetings Tuesday 7pm @ 272 Capp We are OPEN sometimes!

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Noisebridge accessibility guild notes go here.



  • DATE:
  • TIME:




  • DATE: July 24 2020
  • TIME: 6:00PST - 7:00PST

Participants (add yourself): Lxpk, Pyconaut, TJ, James


  • ADA policy draft
  • building planning

Building planning

bathrooms elevator doors tables hallways

we need a CASP insection

Have we talked to DIY Spaces, the peeps who worked with Omni? They focus on accessibility. Diy spaces has a CASp inspector they know

pyconaut, How is your stream broken? I can hear you.

lx, do you have particular items in mind for a policy? Please do. Refresh is good.

ADA Policy


   So I'm not sure what everyone else has in mind for the policy yet but I took a first stab at describing accessibility at noisebridge on the wiki page:

Accessibility is a Noisebridge value: We ensure the space, resources and events are as accessible as possible. Noisebridge is currently online only while the space is physically closed and not accessible to anyone but movers. Noisebridge is conducting meetings and events online and will continue to conduct events with online access to facilitate remote participation. The new location will have ground floor doors and is half on the ground floor. Elevator access to the second floor is being developed.

Meetings are being held online. Events like meetups and classes are being held online. We'll do our best to keep things happening online so everyone can participate.

I was brought here by this post on accessibility that I saw:

lxpk: great so there are some drafts there to work with.

Not sure if there are more.

lxpk: we are splitting the task up into 2 parts: an accessibility statement with broad language, and an actual policy.

I'll try to paste it to the wiki...


Accessibility Policy

Noisebridge is dedicated to providing an accessible and equally boundary-free experience, regardless of any physical or mental constraints. We consider accessibility and ADA-compliance for people at our events and space to be of the utmost importance in encouraging education, creativity and equal access for all.

In addition, we ask users of Noisebridge to keep in mind the relative social significance of privacy activism in the United States today. The nature of privacy may limit specific access on a case-by-case basis, but never for the sake of simple inconvenience or as an excuse to limit accessibility for those who are otherwise unable to participate at Noisebridge. Different users of Noisebridge have different levels of access to the space and events. We acknowledge that both ableism and disability awareness is not enough to provide and maintain accessibility at Noisebridge.

When you are running an event or presentation at Noisebridge, provide reasonable notice and warning to allow others the opportunity to participate if they wish. With this — as anything else — each person has a responsibility to be considerate of the accessibility levels of others. Participation, projects, and events should strive to exist in a culture of equal access.

Noisebridge shall be as open and accessible as possible - 1mma

“We uphold that the standard of Excellence in this context is to prioritize the access and participation of disabled community members.” - Rikke

Here is a post from Rikke also on two different documents needed...


<unconfirmed> Currently, Rikke and Tyler are reaching out to other hackerspaces to find an ADA inspector </unconfirmed> lxpk: I asked on the discuss.

Start on bathroom and doors, build out plan for the space in Blender

Lxpk: I posted the current draft of the policy on the wiki and we'll work more on that and the build plan next week! Thanks everyone for coming.