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Here's a list of accounts associated with Noisebridge, and at least some of the people with access to them.

If you would like access to these accounts, it's best to start by emailing the Rack list, or getting on Slack and going to the #socialmedia channel. This list is more to determine who has access to what in case account recovery needs to take place.

Please check the date that this page was edited, as certain accounts with multiple users might be out of date.


Instructions for use: Noisebridge Buffer Account


Access: Beka, JeffreyATW, Naomi, Rando, Nicole Borgaard, Ruth Grace Wong, Bernice, Victor Trevino, elimisteve


Access: Beka, J, JeffreyATW, Patrick, Mitch, Natalie (Errcat), Rando, Ruth Grace, Trent, Silver Zahn


Access: John, Naomi, Natalie (Errcat), Ruth Grace, Trent, Katherine

Social media secrets repo

Access: Ruth Grace, Victor Trevino


Access: Brian Ferrell



Access: Patrick, Ruth Grace, elimisteve

Ansible Vault Password for editing Noisebridge email aliases

Access: SuperQ, Ruth Grace



Access: JeffreyATW


Access: JeffreyATW


Username: noisebridgehackerspace

Access: J


Access: J


Username: noisebridge

Access: Henner, J, Jarrod, JeffreyATW, Mitch


Username: fundraising_10879

General Publication:

What You Make It publication: for highlighting stories where people's life trajectories have been changed by Noisebridge in a positive way

Access: (click sign in with email, and will be emailed with a link to sign in. If you need to be added to the email alias, make an issue on GitHub like this one:

The fundraising_10879 account is the editor for the publication


Username: noisebridge

Access: Beka, Ruth Grace, Trent John Backus

Associated email:

YouTube (old)


Access: JeffreyATW

YouTube (new)

Access: J, Sam, Trent, Lee, James, Ruth Grace, Ryan (@pyconaut on Slack), Tyler (@themanmaran)

Noisebridge Announce mailing list

Access: Ruth Grace, Trent, Beka, Matt, Victoria, Jarrod Mark Wilson

Survey Monkey (for deploying demographic surveys, etc)

Access: Ruth, Nicole Borgaard, credentials emailed to December 8, 2018

Noisebridge Threadless Merch Shop

Access: Ruth, Nicole Borgaard, Ryan (@pyconaut on Slack) credentials emailed to January 6, 2019