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Adhacking's mission is to hack ad rates using nonprofit status to promote hackerspaces. There should be a major banner near every hackerspace in the world. Let's hack the planet one billboard at a time.

Here we can gather plans of how to best do this to promote particular hackerspaces with local banners and in general.


A big billboard somewhere near a hackerspace would invite a lot of cool people to check it out.


  1. √ Gauge Interest: Ask around local hackerspace mailing list, sounds like people are interested
  2. Design: Come up with a first design to test out, give people actionable steps on a special welcome page
  3. Design Selection: Pick a favorite design for the board and landing page to start with
  4. Analytics: Do some smart hackery analytic things to be able to track response
  5. Target: Pick a spot for it
  6. Funding: Crowdsource money for it
  7. Deployment: Put it up
  8. Observation: Observe the people who show up.
  9. Data: How awesome are they?

Data Questions

    • How many become members?
    • How many heard about hackerspaces before seeing the billboard?
    • How many are students?
    • How many already have projects they want to bring in?
    • How many are of which demographics?

Done Steps

Ad Crowdsourcing Sites

  • There are two sites that help with crowdsourcing funding:

Good Examples

Design Sharing

  • There's lots of clever hackers who could come up with designs for billboards for hackerspaces or other cool ideas.
  • Fewer words are better depending on pedestrian or highway, 8 is a suggested number
  • List links to your ideas here and/or post them to the mailing list thread

Design Idea: They're Not What You Think


        (they're not what you think)
              --  TEACH, LEARN, SHARE  WHAT YOU LOVE
             Find one near you:

Nonprofit Rates

  • Matt Spergel said the rates were really low for nonprofit PSAs
  • School Factory could help with nonprofit status for hackerspaces that don't have their own yet.


  • Anyone who wants to spearhead aspects of this project can volunteer contact info here
    • Alex Peake I just suggested it and it sounds like lots of people have ideas!
    • Ken Adler