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* [[User:Micah|Micah]]
* [[User:Micah|Micah]]
* [[User:Apage43|Apage43]]
* [[User:Apage43|Apage43]]
* Jarvis Bohannon
== Meetings ==
== Meetings ==

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A group of Noisebridge members are working with the Android OS for mobile phones (and other devices). This page lists current Noisebridge Android resources.

Do you guys still meet regularly? 5.28.2012 I stopped by this last week for the Android meeting and nobody showed. Should I be trying to read Discuss list to find out more info? This page looks really out-of-date.

[edit] People

A partial list of people interested in Android:

[edit] Meetings

  • There's a group of Noisebridge Android hackers talking on irc right now (2:01 AM Pacific Time, Monday 9 February 2009).

[edit] Projects

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