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The creators of ZiP, a Noisebridge Zine-in-Progress, would like to compile an anthology of people recounting their first time at Noisebridge: how and when they were introduced to the space.

Noise in Print: Your First Time (working title).

Deadline for submissions: TBA

Projected completion date: TBA

We're envisioning Noise in Print as a blanket title for a whole series of anthologies or Noisebridge-related publishing projects of which Your First Time will be the catalyst.

Email for more info or to collaborate on this project. We welcome collaboration on all Noisebridge-related projects.

When I woke up I found Gen allready awake in the mini-bathroom built into her bedroom, brushing her teeth. I slowly got up, yawned, and shuffled my way over to her. With my eyes half open I stared into the mirror... and that was when I noticed I was not hallucinating yesterday when she walked through the door. She was definately taller. I don't think she had noticed yet but without saying anything she saw my wide-eyed-open-mouth face. She did a quick dash back and forth with her eyes on the mirror and started jumping with joy while holding my shoulders. "Baby baby baby baby baby!!! I'm taller! I'm taller Wooh wooh, mhmm I"m taller, yes i am.." Making it into a song. I would have guessed her at around 5'8" allready. The top of her head was at the bridge of my nose, certainly suprising. It's as if she never took of her heels but she was in bare feet. And another thing....her breast were huge! At least to me they were, they must have grown along with her body, and then some! She had to be a D-cup. Through her thin night shirt you could see her erect nipples poking out. I immediately got an erection. "Well baby, you gonna say anything?" Posing for me in all differen't ways. Oh my god, her ass....her boobs... everything was amazing.