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There was some discussion on IRC recently about building an arcade/MAME cabinet for the space so lets see just how much interest there is out there.


[edit] Brainstorming

  • Inexpensive PC running Linux with a console emulator <-- found several emulators that can be installed, just need a PC
  • Create a wooden box to hold everything, perhaps have users decorate it with stickers, artwork, etc <-- Noisebridge art project?
  • Use an old xbox running XBMC instead of a PC? Could hack it to do VGA+USB and run plenty of emus on there.
  • Cheap LCD <-- or free even, thanks Miloh!
  • modify a USB joypad/stick to be more arcade like <-- gamepad donated, planning on mapping buttons/joystick to keys on spare keyboard
  • Coin slot for donations
  • Need somewhere to put it...
  • laptop station for members to hook up their laptops to the joystick/monitor

[edit] Participants



[edit] Parts needed (strike out when acquired)

  • LCD
  • controller <-- one was donated but I got notified that there's a USB two player version of it that would be PERFECT:
  • keyboard
  • trackball for additional game control
  • PC <-- preferably later model with a graphics card that supports OpenGL 1.4 at minimum, see XBMC requirements

[edit] Links

Planning on using Xbox Media Centre on top of Ubuntu

found an arcade game browser plugin that looked nice:

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