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Arduino class at Noisebridge!

When: Either weekly or bi-monthly, Thursdays at 6PM

General: First hour, aimed at beginners, is a crash course in basic electronics, basic programming, and basic install of Arduino IDE on your laptop.

Second hour presumes everyone knows the basics, and explores a more advanced topic, such as I2C communication between two Arduinos, interfacing to Processing and/or The Internet, or multitasking. Thus, people who already know the basics can simply show up for the second hour.

7/8/2010: This week we'll learn about processing and how to get an Arduino to talk to a Processing program running on your laptop.

What should you bring?

Laptop or other personal computer extremely helpful but not required. I can provide one or two loaners but please contact me beforehand so I can bring as many as I'll need.

Arduino required: Either bring your own or I'll have the standard Duemilanove for sale at $30 each.

Any sensors or actuators that you wish to experiment with. I'll have some loaners for anyone who has none yet.

Questions? Comments? michael AT teachmetomake DOT com

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