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Arduino Working Group at Noisebridge![edit]


Open learning group where everyone is welcome!
Learn how to use Arduino hardware and software, develop your skills, work on your Arduino project, show off your Arduino project, get answers and suggestions to your Arduino problems or questions. Bring your own laptop computer and Arduinos. This is a group effort and so far you'll be expected to provide your own hardware and basic preparatory know-how.


Starting 1st and 3rd Monday of July from 7pm - 9pm in Noisebridge's main Hackitorium.


Cost: Free, but donations to the space are definitely encouraged to support this kind of work

What We Need[edit]

  • Encourage anyone and everyone to attend who might be interested in this and can fulfill the listed requirements!
  • Got experience and want to share your project?
  • You'll need your own laptop, Arduino hardware, and enthusiasm.
  • Sensors and bits to play around with are helpful, even if just at Noisebridge.
  • No current plans to sell or provide hardware, so sorry :(, but you might wanna check with Circuit Hacking Mondays and also see the To Do list for future sessions
  • Install free Arduino IDE software from this link before arriving, if you can;

To Do[edit]

  • Provide resources for more easily obtaining inexpensive (but fully functional!) Arduino hardware before each Arduino working group session.
  • Arrange to provide better assistance at each working group session for absolute beginners having any sort of difficulty installing the free Arduino IDE software from link


  • For absolute beginners, someone could help you install, set up, and write your first Arduino program (see the To Do list regarding the initial installation of the free Arduino IDE software)
  • For intermediate beginners, someone could help you as you work through possible exercises to help you develop you knowledge, skill, and confidence
  • For those interested in hardware and have some decent know-how in this area, we could build our own Arduinos either from kits such as RBBB or Volksduino, or from scratch on a block of wood. The original breadboarding!! See the To Do list.
  • For those interested in other things, a playgroup environment will provide encouragement, support, assistance, and an opportunity to share.


Questions? Comments? Contact James Sundquist, sundquistjames at

Potential projects[edit]

  • Sous vide
  • Something with the DDR pads

Past Sessions[edit]

Archive of previous Michael Shiloh Workshop I (Michael Shiloh) am no longer leading this workshop, but I'm leaving this here in case anyone else wants to lead it.

Who: Michael Shiloh has taught hundreds of people how to have fun with Arduino

What should you bring? To get the most out of the workshop, you want to participate in the activity. This requires a laptop and an Arduino. You might use one of the public computers at Noisebridge.

Arduino: Either bring your own or I'll have the standard Duemilanove for sale at $30 each. NOTE: I AM CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!

Any accessories such as sensors or actuators that you wish to experiment with. If you have none, you can borrow from the Arduino junkbox, which also accepts donations of same.

Notes Arduino Workshop Notes