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Art decorates Noisebridge with beauty and blink things. Art is a great source of inspiration for Projects to make Noisebridge and the world more interesting.

Art At Noisebridge[edit]

Documented art found in the space.

  • Artbridge works on making and documenting physical art and art making techniques at Noisebridge and teaching digital 2D/3D/4D art skills for their own sake and for video and games.
  • Decorating Noisebridge is a guide to doing do-ocratic art excellently by consulting others before non-reversible changes to the space.


Noisebridge has lots of cool poster designs to promote our vision.

Be excellent poster.png Do-ocracy Poster - DO IT - 2018-08-11 revision (small).png Do-ocracy Poster - DO-ERs DECIDE - 2018-08-11 revision (small).png

LED Art[edit]


MakerFaire 2015table01.jpg

Mooninite.jpg Welcometonbsign.png

Wall Art[edit]

Noisebridge has a lot of cool wall art.

Circuit Hacking Wall Margaret Hamilton Tesla FoxLounge



Interactive Art[edit]



The NGALAC allows people at Noisebridge to play classic console games, with their classic controllers, and then live stream their gameplay and themselves to the internet with the push of a button. People who want to play classic games will have a nice place to do so. People who have never tried to live stream before can jump in and try it. People who want to raise funds for Noisebridge can turn on the live stream and raise money for Noisebridge.


Noisebridge's Payphone was a 2600-style free VOIP phone that can call anywhere in the world. Now it is the keypad for the access system.

Noisebridge RedPayPhone1.png

Current Art Projects[edit]

Turing Room[edit]

The Turing room is a small classroom area suitable for teaching and group meetings.

Proposed Art Projects[edit]

Art Supply Resources[edit]

Scrap SF

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse