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“Hailey, Hailey. Can you hear me?” Mrs. Miklosovic spoke as she saw Hailey open her eyes. “Mom?” Hailey responded in a faint voice. “Thank God! You’ve been out since Thursday.” “What do you mean?” “It’s Saturday night right now. You’ve been unconscious for two full days.” “I don’t understand.” “When I came back from work Thursday and knocked on your door, you didn’t answer. I figured you were just napping. But when I came in to say goodnight later, you weren’t responsive at all. Then I realized…” “Realized what?” “I thought you might be having another growth attack and ended up fainting. So I touched your breasts to see if they were hot. And that’s when I knew you were having a growth spurt.” “What?!” Hailey looked down to realize she was in bed with her breasts sprawled out and covered in wet towels. Then it came to her attention how warm and swollen her breasts felt. Hailey quickly slid her hands underneath her breasts to feel their weight. They felt much heavier. In fact, she was having trouble lifting them at all. Granted, her arms weren’t in the best position to exert strength. But her breasts had never been too heavy for Hailey to lift them while in bed. She then immediately tried lifting her right breast with both hands. To her relief, Hailey was able to do it. Unfortunately, Hailey could also feel just how bigger her breasts have gotten from her grip. “They grew so much!” “Well the good news is that you’re awake now. And the growth attack seems to be easing. When I was placing wet towels on your breasts last night, I could actually see your breasts pulsing from all the blood rushing in. And they got so hot that eventually we had to put ice packs on them. That continued for at least twelve hours. Lily and I took turns taking care of you.” “How is anything good news, mom!? I just had a growth attack! Are you blind!?” “Hailey, I know it’s very scary for you right now. But you shouldn’t take it out on your mother.” “I’m sorry, mom. You’re right. I just need to calm down. Could you get me some Ibuprofen? I’ve got a bad headache.” “Of course, sweetie. I’ll be back in a minute.” Mrs. Miklosovic left downstairs to the kitchen. ‘Fuck me… Just how big did my breasts get? Dr. Prince should have just prescribed me some estrogen blockers on Thursday. Then this probably wouldn’t have happened. Doctors are always too careful. I should’ve just insisted. God, they feel so big. Wait, I should see how big they are in the mirror.’ Hailey removed the wet towels on her breasts, got up, and slowly walked up to the full body mirror in her room. As urgent as she was to see how big her breasts had gotten, they were still too tender for her to move quickly. Making them wobble was the last thing she wanted. When Hailey saw herself in the mirror, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her breasts now sagged past her hips. And they were so full that they now pushed each other to the side beyond her arms. In fact, the entirety of her forearms now hid behind her breasts. Being only 5’3 with a petite build, it was beginning to look as if her body was attached to her breasts rather than the other way around. To gauge how heavier her breasts had gotten, Hailey gently lifted them up. They felt as heavy as a twelve-pound bowling ball. Although she never went bowling anymore, Hailey had once been an avid bowler. She was in fact quite good and easily scored above two-hundred. Of course, once her breasts became the size of the bowling balls, she had to quit from all the leering, cat calling, and unwanted sexual advances. That was three years ago. Nevertheless, Hailey still intimately knew how a twelve-pound mass felt in her hands. There was no doubt about it. Each of her breasts now weighed just around twelve pounds. But Hailey noticed something else as well as she lifted up her breasts. Her belly was as flat as a board and her waist could only be described as “rail-thin.” Those had been the two areas where all the fat would go to whenever she put on weight. Hailey wondered: ‘Could it be that during the last three growth attacks, my breasts were taking fat from other parts of my body to grow? That’d make sense since I didn’t really eat anything when the growth was happening. But who cares if I have flat stomach and a thin waist? They never show because my breasts are too big.’ Her nipples and areolas weren’t spared from the growth attack either. Just looking at them embarrassed Hailey. Her nipples seemed to have gotten both longer and thicker. When Hailey turned sideways, they seem to protrude as much as one inch. And when Hailey gently held her nipples between her fingers, they felt thicker than a plastic soda bottle lid. And her areolas were now so large that she could barely cover them with both of her hands. Stepping closer to the mirror, Hailey could now see the damage the last three growth spurts had inflicted on her skin. There were countless fine wrinkles that ran vertically from the very top of her breasts to where they were the fullest. With each breast weighing over ten pounds, it was only natural for the skin to stretch down and form wrinkles. But now, after having undergone three intense growth attacks in a matter of days, the wrinkles cut significantly deeper. Looking at the skin alone, Hailey’s breasts seemed more like the breasts of a sixty-year-old woman than the breasts of a nineteen-year-old girl. ‘I look like a monster.’ As abhorring as her breasts looked in the mirror, Hailey couldn’t take her eyes of them. She couldn’t believe that it was her breasts that she was seeing in the mirror. For the first time in her life, she felt as if it was her body that was stuck to her breasts rather than the other way around. ‘Would they even be able to make a custom bra for me anymore?’ Hailey took out a bra she brought home from her backpack so that she could try it on and imagine how a custom bra might fit her with her current size. But before Hailey could put it on, her nipples flared up with gruesome intensity. The orgasmic sensation in her nipples was so strong that she couldn’t move at all. It felt as if her nipples were experiencing a hundred orgasms every half second. Hailey’s mind went completely blank. At this point, her body wasn’t feeling pleasure; her body was pleasure. She didn’t know who she was. She was simply what she felt: an unrelenting wave of euphoric orgasms. Rapidly, the orgasmic sensation in her nipples spread to her entire breasts. Giving in to this unrelenting wave of pleasure, Hailey collapsed to the floor. She was still conscious, but she had no control of her body. And she only knew one thing: she was about to have the most aggressive growth attack of her life. “Hailey!” Mrs. Miklosovic shouted as she opened the door and saw Hailey topless and collapsed on the floor. Rushing to her side, Mrs. Miklosovic called out her husband. “Mike! Come here!” Hailey was mortified at the thought of her father seeing her topless. With her father and brothers, Hailey felt particularly shameful about her breasts. Not only did she feel ashamed to have such freakish breasts, but she also felt ashamed to just simply have breasts. She could never understand why. It was only natural for a girl to have breasts although her breasts themselves could only be described as “freaks of nature.” If she had been able to, Hailey would have told her mom to call off her dad or at least cover her breasts so he wouldn’t see her bare breasts. But overcome with a ruthless wave of orgasms cresting every half second, Hailey couldn’t speak – let alone mouth something. “What’s wrong, Alice?” Mr. Miklosovic asked as he walked in. Realizing that his daughter was topless on the floor, Mr. Miklosovic quickly blocked the view with his hands. “Mike, help me get Hailey to the bed.” Mrs. Miklosovic spoke as she locked her arms in front of Hailey’s her chest from behind. “Grab her legs.” “Okay. But what happened?” Mr. Miklosovic grabbed Hailey’s legs while averting his eyes from his daughter’s upper body. “She’s having a growth spurt again. She can barely speak right now.” Mrs. Miklosovic spoke as she attempted to lift Hailey. But as hard as she tried, Hailey’s upper body – with her breasts that now weighed well over 20 pounds together – was too heavy for Mrs. Miklosovic. “Come on, let’s switch sides. This side is too heavy for me.” “Just try harder.” Mr. Miklosovic balked at the idea of having his hands and arms in contact with his daughter’s breasts. “Mike, come on. They’re just your daughter’s breasts. There’s nothing sexual or wrong about it. Let’s get Hailey on the bed so I can place wet towels on her breasts.” Mr. Miklosovic relented. Hailey could tell his dad was trying his best to avoid minimize the contact between his arms and her breasts. But it was no use. Hailey’s breasts were simply too voluptuous. As she felt her dad’s arms pushing into her breasts, Hailey thought she felt Mr. Miklosovic felt more shame than she had ever had in her entire life. She felt more shame than the time her bra snapped during a school play and the entire audience saw her right breast droop to her belly. She felt more shame than the time her breasts made her blouse pop open in front of her older brother. She even felt more shame than the time her roommate, Kate, caught her playing with her nipples and masturbating. “I can feel them pulsing. I can feel the blood being pumped in there. Shouldn’t we do something?” Mr. Miklosovic felt beyond awkward to talk about his daughter’s breasts with his wife, but he felt obligated to bring the throbbing of Hailey’s breasts to his wife’s attention. “It always happens during a growth attack. Just get me some wet towels from the bathroom. Be sure to soak them in cold water. I’m just going to call her doctor.” Ms. Miklosovic replied nonchalantly as she settled Hailey on the bed. She then took out her phone and called Dr. Prince. Although it was Saturday night, Ms. Miklosovic was confident that Dr. Prince would understand given the gravity of the situation. “Hello?” Dr. Prince picked up. “Dr. Prince, this is Hailey Miklosovic’s mother. I’m sorry to bother you at this hour, especially on a Saturday. But Hailey’s having a severe growth attack. Could you possibly come to our house right now?” “Mrs. Miklosovic, I’m afraid I’m out town at the moment and I won’t be back until Wednesday night. So the earliest I could see your daughter would be Thursday morning. But I’d like to help in any capacity over the phone. How is Hailey doing right now exactly?” “She was complaining of a headache. And when I came back with some Ibuprofen, I found her collapsed on the floor. She can hardly move and speak cause just how intense the growth attack is. Her breasts are pulsing really strongly and feel really hot right now. She’s also breathing heavily.” “Is she still conscious?” “I’m not sure but I think so.” “Make sure to give her a lot of water. And after she drinks a full glass of water, give her some sleeping pills. Just help her sleep through the growth until it subsides. And also be sure to constantly cool down her breasts with wet towels and ice packs. And also have them well moisturized. We really don’t want the skin to break or develop any lesion. Hailey’s severe hemophilia coupled with gigantomastia could become potentially life-threatening if we don’t take care of the skin on her breasts.” “Anything else we should do, Dr. Prince?” “Yes! It is of vital importance that Hailey consume sufficient nutrition. Due to the intensity of the growth, she could very easily become malnourished. We don’t want to endanger Hailey’s entire health. And last but not least, please tell Hailey to hold on and that we’ll figure this out.” “Thank you, Dr. Prince.” “You’re welcome, Mrs. Miklosovic. Just try to stay strong for Hailey. And try not to jump to the worst conclusion. The worst scenarios hardly ever happen. Well, goodnight ma’am.” “Goodnight.” Dr. Prince hung up. “Here are some wet towels.” Mr. Miklosovic spoke as he walked in with a bunch of wet towels in his hands. “Thanks, Mike. I was just on the phone with the doctor. He told us we should give her some sleeping pills so she can just sleep it off. Could you get some from the pharmacy? And tell Lily to get in here on your way out.” “No problem. But Alice, could you cover her up please? I really don’t want to be seeing my daughter’s breasts.” “They’re just breasts, Mike. And you’ve seen my boobs a million times. And I can’t because that’ll trap the heat.” “Fine. But all I’m saying is it’s just a really uncomfortable thing for a father. And seeing your wife’s breasts and seeing your daughter’s breasts are not even remotely similar.” Mr. Miklosovic spoke as he walked out. “Sweetie, dad’s gonna get you some sleeping pills so you can sleep this off. Just stay strong, okay?” Ms. Miklosovic spoke as Hailey gasped for air. The truth is, the relentless wave of orgasms had been getting stronger and stronger the whole time. And Hailey was fighting tooth and nail to hold in her moaning. Out of sheer embarrassment, Hailey had never told anyone about the intense orgasms she experienced during growth attacks. Even Dr. Prince didn’t know. And Hailey was determined to keep it that way. Moreover, having her parents hear her sex noise was the last thing she wanted. “Hi, mom. Dad told me. Do you want me to grab some ice packs from the freezer?” Lily asked as she walked in. “That would be great.” Mrs. Miklosovic replied. “Bathroom.” Hailey spoke in a barely audible voice as Lily was about to leave. As much as she hated to admit it, Hailey needed to pee and there was no way she could do it on her own; she could hardly lift a finger. The good thing was Hailey didn’t need to worry about covering her loins with her hands, which she couldn’t move one bit at the moment. This was because her breasts would naturally be sitting on her lap and blocking the view. The bad news was Hailey, through no fault of her own, had soaked her panties. The endless wave of orgasms was making her wetter than she thought was humanly possible. “Did you say ‘bathroom?’” Mrs. Miklosovic asked. Hailey nodded. “Lily, come here and help me get your sister to the bathroom. We’ll have her arms over our shoulders and help her walk there since we won’t be strong enough to just carry her just the two of us.” “Okay, mom.” Mrs. Miklosovic and Lily gently got Hailey out of bed and strapped her arms across their shoulders. But just as they started walking Hailey to the bathroom, Hailey squealed in pain. They came to an abrupt stop. “What’s wrong?” Mrs. Miklosovic asked. “My… breasts.” Hailey spoke in a barely audible voice as she gasped for air. “What do you mean? Do they hurt?” “Hold. Hurt… too much… from moving.” Hailey panted. Although Hailey didn’t want her mom and sister to holding her breasts, she also desperately needed support for her breasts. The pain from them wobbling was beyond excruciating. And at this point with her dad having seen and touched her breasts, there wasn’t much that could mortify her. “Mom, I think she wants us to hold her breasts so they don’t move.” Lily interjected. Hailey nodded. “We can just hold her arms with our one hand and hold her breasts with the other hand.” “Lily, be careful with your sister’s nipples. They’re extremely sensitive.” “I know, Mom. Wow, they’re really heavy!” Lily remarked as she gently lifted Hailey’s right breast with her left hand. “Lily, how do you think that makes your sister feel?” Mrs. Miklosovic scolded Lily. And she was right in doing so. Hailey felt horrible at her sister’s remark. In fact, this was the first time she heard anyone say how heavy her breasts were. Hailey had been asked on a number of occasions by friends and strangers how heavy they were. But being told that her breasts are “really heavy” felt far worse than being asked if her breasts are heavy. Lily’s comment stung particularly hard because Lily as a 32G had to know how heavy even just some mounds of fat can be really heavy. “Oh sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. Sorry, Hailey.” Step by step, Mrs. Miklosovic and Lily walked Hailey to the bathroom. “Wait outside while I help your sister.” Mrs. Miklosovic told Lily as she closed the bathroom door. When Ms. Miklosovic pulled down Hailey’s shorts and panties, she noticed something strange. Hailey’s panties as well as her loins were soaked. At first, Mrs. Miklosovic thought it was urine. But it was milky and white. It had to be vaginal lubrication. Concerned something else might be wrong with Hailey, Mrs. Miklosovic asked, “Hailey, is this… vaginal lubrication?!” Hailey nodded as she urinated. Never in a million year did Hailey expect anyone other than herself and significant others to see her wet. Out of sheer embarrassment, Hailey found herself choking up. “What’s going on? Is there something else you’re not telling us? It’s important that we know everything that’s going on so we can help you in the best possible way. Does Dr. Prince know?” Hailey shook her head. She knew her mom was right. It was important that she was fully transparent with what was happening with her body. Of course, it was easier said than done. “Hailey, this has to stop right now. When we go to Dr. Prince’s office on Thursday, you should tell him everything. No more keeping things from us.” Mrs. Miklosovic wiped Hailey and pull up her panties and shorts. “Lily, come in. Help mom carry your sister.” With Hailey’s arms strapped around their shoulders, Mrs. Miklosovic and Lily walked Hailey to the bed and carefully laid her down. They exercised extra caution in positioning her breasts. They didn’t want Hailey’s breasts to move too much or her nipples rub against anything. “Lily, get some lotion from the bathroom. We have to apply lotion on Hailey’s breasts.” “Wait, why?” “Because they’re growing really fast and we need to minimize the stress on her skin. Hurry” As Lily went to the bathroom to get some lotion, Mr. Miklosovic came back home with some sleeping pills. Looking away from Hailey, Mr. Miklosovic dropped them off by Hailey’s bed and went outside. Hailey was relieved that she would finally be able to sleep through the growth spurt. The orgasms were now coming even stronger, and she knew quite soon wouldn’t be able to hold in her moaning any longer. After Lily came back with some lotion, Mrs. Miklosovic and Lily squeezed half a bottle of lotion on Hailey’s breasts. And as they started to gently rub lotion over her breasts, Hailey could feel the orgasmic sensation in her breasts intensify. Hailey bit her lower lip to keep herself from moaning. “Wow, they’re throbbing so hard. They feel so hot too.” Lily spoke as she carefully spread the lotion with her hands. “Lily, didn’t I tell you to watch what you say? Think before you speak.” “I’m sorry. I was trying to say it’s good we’re applying lotion of them. Mom, should we be lotioning her nipples too?” Hailey desperately shook her head as much as she possibly could. She was okay with them rubbing lotion on other parts of her breasts since it was necessary. With the intensity of the growth attack, her skin was under tremendous stress. And as a result, it was a guarantee that her skin would break or develop lesion if lotion was amply applied to her breasts. However, Hailey felt she could do without having her nipples lotioned. Although they felt extremely raw and painfully hard, her nipples were where the orgasmic sensation was the strongest. If her mom and Lily applied lotion on them, Hailey didn’t know what kind of sound she’d let out against her will. “Of course, Lily. If Hailey’s nipples grow too fast and end up cracking, there could be some bleeding. With your sister’s severe hemophilia, that’s not a chance we want to take.” Mrs. Miklosovic replied in a stern voice, not seeing her daughter shaking her head with all her might. “But mom, Hailey’s shaking her head right now. I don’t think she wants us too. Maybe she doesn’t need any lotion applied on her nipples.” Lily protested, noticing that her sister was shaking her head albeit very slightly. “Nope. Hailey does not get a say. Only her life does. We cannot allow this growth attack to become life-threatening. If your sister didn’t have severe hemophilia, it would be a different story. But that’s not the case for us. So we’ll just have to do our best not to hurt Hailey too much.” Turning to Hailey, Mrs. Miklosovic spoke, “Hailey, I know this is not what you want. But we need to do this. We don’t have any other choice.” “Mom, Hailey’s the best judge for what she needs. If she says it’s not necessary, then it’s not.” “Lily, not now. This is not up for discussion.” “Fine. But if Hailey ends up hurting too much, I’m not gonna do it.” Hailey bit into her lower lip even harder, determined not to let out any sound from the unbridled orgasms she was about to experience in her nipples. But it was no use. As soon as Mrs. Miklosovic’s finger lightly touched Hailey’s left nipple, Hailey shrieked in frenzy as her body fiercely trembled. She couldn’t help it. The orgasm in her nipple was too strong. “See, mom? It’s hurting her like crazy. I’m not gonna be any part of this.” Lily spoke in a disapproving tone as she left the room. As embarrassed as Hailey was that her mom and sister had just heard her sex noise, she took solace in the fact that they didn’t know she had just shrieked from extreme pleasure, not pain. Undeterred, Mrs. Miklosovic continued to apply lotion on her daughter’s nipples. And as her nipples kept being touched, Hailey shrieked and moaned louder and louder. Hailey knew everyone in the house could hear her. But she just couldn’t hold it in. It could not have taken more than a minute for Mrs. Miklosovic to fully apply lotion on Hailey’s nipples, but it felt like hours to Hailey. Each time her nipples were touched no matter how lightly, she climaxed dozens of times with each one followed right by the next one. She was orgasming down to the millisecond. By the time Mrs. Miklosovic was done, Hailey had experienced well over a thousand orgasms. “I’m so sorry, sweetie. But we needed to do this. I hope you can understand. Mom’s gonna change you into some clean underwear since your panties are soaked right now. Then you can drink some water, eat, and take a sleeping pill or two.” Hailey shook her head. Her insecurities about how she looked down there were nowhere near as strong as her insecurities about her breasts. But it still a much more private part of her body. And although Hailey was thankful that she didn’t have any excess labia hanging out, she was extremely self-conscious about how puffy the lips were. “Don’t worry, I’ll look away the entire time.” Mrs. Miklosovic reassured Hailey before changing Hailey’s panties. “I’ll cook you something quick before we put you to sleep. And I’ll have Lily put wet towels on your breasts while the food’s getting ready. You’ve been so brave, sweetie.” Mrs. Miklosovic left the room after kissing Hailey on the forehead. ‘Finally, the worst is over. I can just sleep this off. I’m going to lose my mind if I continue to orgasm non-stop. But what if the orgasms keep waking me up? Is that even possible? God, I wish someone could just chop off my breasts.’ Hailey thought to herself. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t stop mom from applying lotion on your nipples. It sounded really painful. I was in the basement looking for my elementary school graduation pictures and I could still hear you screaming in pain.” Lily spoke as she entered the room with wet towels. “I know your nipples must be like fifty times more sensitive than mine right now. But my nipples have always been really sensitive and I can imagine how painful it must have been for you. And I didn’t really mean those comments I made. I’m sorry if they made you feel bad.” As Lily was halfway through putting wet towels on Hailey’s breasts, Mrs. Miklosovic walked in. “There was some leftover pasta from last night. So I just microwaved the leftovers since it’ll be a lot quicker this way. Let’s get your sister to sit up on the bed so she can drink and eat.” Mrs. Miklosovic spoke to Lily as she walked to one side of the bed. Surprisingly, Hailey ended up eating two full plates of pasta and drinking three glasses of milk. Hailey was never the type to even finish her food. For her entire life, she had always been rail-thin. Of course, when her breasts started developing, she was no longer a “rail.” Nevertheless, she was still thin in every part of her body. The orgasms made swallowing a bit of a challenge. But Hailey ate as fast as she could, wanting to sleep off the growth spurt as soon as possible. “Here you go, sweetie.” Mrs. Miklosovic handed Hailey a sleeping pill with a glass of water. “Thanks, mom.” Hailey swallowed the pill with great relief; she could finally catch a break from all the sensations in her breasts and nipples. When Hailey opened her eyes, the room was pitch dark and all that she could see was some streetlight sneaking in through the blinds. The last thing she remembered was coming back home from Dr. Prince’s office. ‘Strange… I must have napped for at least ten hours then. Was I even that tired?’ Feeling a bit groggy, Hailey got out of bed to go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on her face. And as she got out of bed to throw on a shirt before heading to the bathroom, Hailey noticed that her breasts felt much heavier than usual. In fact, so much so that she almost fell forward from the weight. But what alarmed her even more was how her breasts were abundantly touching her thighs. Sheer panic struck. Hailey quickly turned on the lights and rushed to see her reflection in the mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Each of her breasts was now as big as her torso! They stuck out well past her arms to the sides and sagged down to the middle of her thighs. Her areolas were now as wide as a small frying pan. And her nipples, now noticeably pointing downwards as well as outwards, seemed to protrude as much as two inches. ‘It’s a dream. This has to be a dream! No way, no way…’ Hailey shook her head as she backed away from the mirror in disbelief. But then suddenly she recalled collapsing to the floor from overwhelming orgasmic sensations in her nipples. She couldn’t remember what day it was or what happened afterwards. But the memory of falling down itself was vivid. She definitely wasn’t dreaming. ‘Wait, this means I must have passed out during a growth spurt. How many days have I been out?’ Hailey walked over to her bed to get her phone. But the added weight of her breasts made her gait extremely unnatural and uncomfortable. Her balance had all changed. Now, she had to make a conscious effort to lean backwards to actually not fall forward. There was tremendous stress on her calves and lower back to maintain her delicate balance. Moreover, her breasts now swayed from side to side like a heavy pendulum as she walked. Before, they would only wobble and jiggle mostly up and down. But now with their increased weight, her breasts no longer moved so much vertically. And instead, they moved side to side. Lastly, Hailey couldn’t swing her arms anymore with her breasts sticking out to the sides so much. It was a Thursday, a full week after she went to see Dr. Prince. ‘Does this mean I’ve had a growth attack that lasted an entire week? And I was unconscious the whole time?!’ Hailey was confused. She had utterly no recollection of what happened between the moment she collapsed and now. All she knew was that she had just underwent the most aggressive growth attack and that it lasted about a week. Hailey also saw that there were fifty-seven missed calls from her boyfriend Sandy. And there were a total of eighty-three unread text messages. Of course, her dating and social life were least of her concerns at the moment. She needed to know exactly what had happened. And she couldn’t wait for her mom to wake up. She needed to ask right now. Hailey put on her bathrobe as none of her shirts were long enough to cover her breasts anymore. Her bathrobe, of course, was no extremely stretched and Hailey looked uncomfortably tight around the bust area. But she had no choice. But just as she was about to leave her room, Hailey’s mom walked in. “You’re awake!” Mrs. Miklosovic spoke in a quiet but excited voice. “Mom, what just happened?” Hailey asked anxiously. “You had a growth attack last Thursday. That lasted about two days. And then you had another growth attack right after. That lasted till last night. You were physically responsive but you also seemed quite out of it. You’d be able to chew food and drink water. But you weren’t able to really speak back to us. Thankfully, the growth subsided around ten o’clock last night. I was coming in to check in on you, to make sure if you weren’t having another growth attack. Dr. Prince should be here any minute now.” “Dr. Prince? He’s coming here right now? But it’s not even seven in the morning.” “I know. He said he’d come see you on his way to office. We thought it’d be better for him to come than for us to go see him.” “Okay. So-“ Before Hailey could finish her sentence, the door bell rang. “That must be him. I’ll get the door. We’ll come upstairs.” Mrs. Miklosovic headed downstairs. ‘Oh god, I just hope he doesn’t have any more bad news…” Hailey thought to herself as walked over to her bed. Getting into her bed proved a little challenging with her torso-sized breasts. To avoid having her nipples rub against the sheets, Hailey had to sit on the bed, lie on her back, and then move inwards as she turned sideways. As Hailey adjusted her breasts for comfort, she realized she couldn’t even reach her own nipples. They were simply too far down. Hailey could feel her eyes get teary. But just then, someone knocked on the door. “Hailey, Dr. Prince is here.” Mrs. Miklosovic spoke as she entered with Dr. Prince. “Hi, Hailey. I hope you are doing okay despite the recent development. I have your lab results. Would you like to go over them first?” Dr. Prince asked Hailey. “Sure…” Hailey was too scared to hear anything about her condition. But she knew she’d have to know what was going on with her body to make the most informed decision for her treatment. “For better or for worse, your estrogen levels as well as all your other hormone levels were within a normal range. Your estrogen levels were quite high but still within the realm of normal.” “What does that really mean? In terms of treatment? Is there even anything we can do then?” Hailey asked in a desperate tone. “I’m afraid it means any form of treatment can be expected to be as ineffective as it was in the past. None of the treatments we tried produced any results. Since we never could identify the underlying cause for your breasts’ growth, any treatment was a shot in the dark. Our situation, unfortunately, remains the same. We still don’t know what’s causing your breasts to grow.” “Wait, so you’re saying my breasts might never stop growing?! And there’s nothing we can do?” “No. I can’t ascertain what the future holds. We don’t know what caused your breasts to stop growing three years ago. We can reasonably expect your current growth to come to an end as well. The question is whether that remission will be permanent and when your condition will go into remission.” “So basically, I’m fucked. My life is over.” “Hailey, I know the situation seems very dire right now. But let’s not jump to conclusions.” “What the fuck do you know? You’re not the one with these giant things stuck to your chest! You can say that because you don’t have to live with gigantic breasts that might never stop growing. I don’t give a fuck what might happen or might not happen. All that matters is this is happening to me and you were always a useless piece of shit. Why do you even call yourself a doctor? Go fuck yourself, Eric. Get the fuck-” “Hailey! That’s enough!” Mrs. Miklosovic interjected. “Doctor, I’m so sorry Hailey is taking it all out on you. Please understand and accept my apology on my daughter’s behalf.” “It’s perfectly understandable, Mrs. Miklosovic. Don’t worry about it. I think I should leave now and give you and your daughter some room.” Dr. Prince spoke as he got up and started walking to the door. “Yeah, get the fuck out of my room.” Hailey yelled at Dr. Prince as he left the room accompanied by her mom. Hailey didn’t even know why she was lashing out at Dr. Prince. As soon as the door closed, her fury turned into numbness. She didn’t even know what to think or feel. Her world had just been turned upside down and there was nothing she could do to change it. Minutes passed as Hailey stared blankly at the ceiling -- that is, until her nipples began to flare up yet again!