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===February 5, 2014===
===February 5, 2014===
Rayc was asked to leave and come back to the next meeting by Tom for sleeping atop the elevator.
Rayc was asked to leave by Tom @~7:25, and return in 6 months, for sleeping atop the elevator in December.
===February 4, 2014===
===February 4, 2014===
Andrew Dru Byrne. Asked to leave and come back to a Tuesday meeting. [ photo]
Andrew Dru Byrne. Asked to leave and come back to a Tuesday meeting. [ photo]

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File:AlexPeake.jpg File:Mischief.jpg (Please note: this page intended as temporary notepad for "leave and come back to talk at a meeting, or don't come back at all" situations - as an alternative to engaging the whole NB-Discuss mailing list. It is not meant to revive broader drama for example the now-blanked-and-locked 85 page.)

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February 5, 2014

Rayc was asked to leave by Tom @~7:25, and return in 6 months, for sleeping atop the elevator in December.

February 4, 2014

Andrew Dru Byrne. Asked to leave and come back to a Tuesday meeting. photo

Wednesday May 29th 2013

... Donald ... sheesh. Details later. Talked around a razor blade held in his mouth.


Saturday May 18th 2013

ShadeS was asked to leave in the morning. After prolonged discussion, she did. Hasn't returned to the space as of Wednesday May 29.

Thursday June 13th 2013

I (Jarrod) asked Red to leave in the morning. He did, while hitting the walls and pulling down the cables in the hallway in the process. He was also asked to leave previously on June 11th, by Chase, but did not leave the space.

Wednesday June 19th 2013

(Emailed to Noisebridge-discuss by Leif)

This afternoon I asked an older man named James to leave Noisebridge.

This is loud obnoxious James who used to wear a cowboy hat and be around frequently. Today was the first time I've seen him in several months; I heard he has been in southen california.

Thursday June 20 2013

Wade has been asked to leave the space by Dan and return to a meeting. He has left and may return to the meeting.

Wade just recently started coming to the space and even attended the most recent Tuesday meeting. He has brown hair stands about 5'6" and has been mostly wearing a bright yellow shirt. He has been working on a Pirate Radio station in the DJ booth east of church.

Saturday December 28 2013

Pigeon: I asked Sarah to leave after becoming upset as she was unresponsive to attempts to reason with her about behavior, that I consider to be white supremacist, which made me feel uncomfortable (using the word "n****r" nonchalantly, and even after making at least one person (myself) feel uncomfortable, defending the use as taking the power away from the word, and reversing the conversation to how she feels oppressed, by being called out on being a part of gentrification, while walking in a black ghetto).


Scud and Chrissie

Two meetings later ... consensus passed to bar Scud and Chrissie from Noisebridge permanently as of Tuesday May 28th 2013. This may be appealed if a member sees fit to revisit at a later date.


(Here's some perspective excerpted from the Noisebridge mailing list ...)

[...] one of the reasons why the Noisebridge tradition has emerged
over the last few years of asking people to leave and come back at
meeting is to defuse immediate situations. It doesn't mean anything more
than some matter has arisen that the people involved feel uncomfortable
handling on their own, and would rather discuss it with the wider

It's not intended as a punishment. Indeed, if one feels outraged that
one will have to spend a maximum of seven days not at Noisebridge, I do
rather think one is probably making Noisebridge too much of your life,
and need a break anyway. 

I also strongly believe the following points represent a consensus
position at this point, although it isn't the sort of thing that we put
through official consensus, it's definitely something that fits with
what most of us do when we're doacratically handling these situations.

1. If you're in an argument with somebody that seems irresolvable and
looks like it's escalating, you or they should ask the other to leave
and come back to meeting. It's okay for both sides to do that, because
that gets the confrontation out of the space, and gives time for people
to calm down. 

2. It's considered excellent to leave and come to the meeting. It counts
in your favor.

3. Not leaving isn't excellent, because at that point at least one
person is stuck in an immediately intractable problem. 

4. Neither is it excellent to leave, and coming back before meeting. Nor
should thou take over an hour leaving and then hover around the gate,
very slowly picking up your laptop pieces, like with Junior that last

5. It's almost certainly not excellent, incidentally, to try and game
this by just repeatedly asking people to leave and come back at the next
meeting, and then like two minutes after the meeting, ask them to leave
and come back to the next meeting, etc. There are many other exploits like
this that you can think of. Almost all of them fall under another
widely-held hackerspace axiom, "don't be a dick", and won't get you any
credit when you come to the meeting with a big grin on your face.
Indeed, you may find that the person who did the asking to leave will be
in far bigger disgrace than the person who left. This happens. A lot.

5. If you feel ABSOLUTELY outraged about being kicked out, come back at
meeting, and almost certainly other people will feel ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGED
on your behalf, or perhaps roll their eyes at what happened. It is a
good way to see how the rest of the community feels. It is very unlikely
that if you are asked to leave for a dumb reason that the rest of the
meeting will sympathise with the person telling you to leave. If they
do, perhaps your OUTRAGE was misplaced.

6. And yes you are part of a community, and your big "nobody tells *me*
what to do" isn't actually the anarchism we practice here. Otherwise you
could just turn the place into a satanic ice cream parlor and everyone
would be like woooo anarchy, which they would not. Well, maybe at first,
but then they would be like why are these arduinos vanilla flavored and
melting, and the crying would begin.