Assorted Tasks

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One-Off Tasks

  • Replace door knobs for both bathrooms with kind that can be unlocked from outside (about $15 each, knob-kind, not lever-kind)
  • Organize Meet and Greet and Show and Tell event
  • Stamp books in library
  • Make ebooks notification sign
  • Paint over recent elevator graffiti
  • Put up Pole signs
  • Put up North/South/East/West Wall signs
  • Hang up metal Noisebridge sign
  • Clean out floor of member shelves
  • Organize scrap in dirty shop
  • Organize laser cutter scrap (identify plastics that are hazardous to cut, make warning signs with them)
  • Fix wiki user sign up spam
  • Create new user signs
  • Create signs for how to get membership
  • Create quiet table signs
  • Use floor scrubber on Library, Turing Class, Church Class, Electronics lab, Common tables, Entrance area, Sewing area
  • Paint Turing Classroom, Church Classroom
  • Paint over graffiti outside Turing door
  • Set up scheduling system
  • Create sign about Noisebridge's account
  • Set up and put signage on scrap nail/nut/bolt/screw bin in dirty shop
  • Label member shelves (both addresses and current assignees)
  • Get replacement part for the recalled radial arm saw in the dirty shop
  • Create tutorial/safety warnings/nburl link/signage and find manual for: bandsaw, drill press, lathe, CNC, table saw, sewing machine, surger, laser cutter, 3d printers
  • Figure out how to retract the projector screen, write it down & nburlize it.
  • Document AV station
  • Write up "how to greet and orient new people" documentation for front desk person.
  • Recharge fire extinguishers, hang up FIRE EXTINGUISHER signs, find walls to attach them to the wall
  • Find landlord contact info
  • Figure out a way to attach scrubbing brush to a sander to make it easier to clean table tops
  • Get rid of dryer in storage closet
  • Organize 3.14 Pi-Wall project
  • Clear out storage closet
  • Member and hack shelves need earthquake proofing
  • Add shims behind the lockers for earthquake proofing
  • Empty out the tool chest drawers and vacuum them.
  • Figure out a tray sorting system for wrenches.
  • Go through the computers and test which work and which do not.
  • Label chairs with silver sharpie
  • Put black gaffer tape on chairs with tears
  • Inventory the t-shirts
  • Set up a separate box for t-shirts
  • Set up "out of toilet paper/clean bathroom" notification app
  • Put up labels for LibraryThing account in library
  • Update LibraryThing inventory
  • Label the chair stems with "Noisebridge"
  • Make sign for anti-harassment policy.
  • Find a free online scheduling/reservation service for the classrooms and other resources.

Regularly Reoccurring

  • Check and replace bait on mouse traps
  • Vacuum up sawdust in dirty shop
  • Clean Bathroom 1.0
  • Clean Bathroom 2.0
  • Morning pick-up of junk, materials, and projects left out on common tables
  • Write current date on any NoDis tags that do not have dates
  • Clean up coffee/tea station by elevator

Infrequently Reoccurring

  • Scrub table tops
  • Use floor scrubber on floor
  • Call Jaime to haul out the e-waste