Autonomous Flying Platform

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     <td>USB</td><td>Non host mode but yes</td>
     <td>USB</td><td>Non host mode but yes</td>
     <td>Camera</td><3 megapixels</td>
     <td>Camera</td><td>3 megapixels</td>

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A long desire of mine has been to create an autonomous flying solution. I was initially inspired when I saw a competition with the following specifications:

  1. Solution cannot touch the ground
  2. Retrieve a metal ring on the other side of a barrier
  3. Bring it back to its origin and drop it off

The autonomous rc helicopter from Stanford won the competition. Blimps were tried but they flew away etc... in the outdoor winds.


  1. Use a solution that is modular and used as many off the shelf components for rapid prototyping/solutions
  2. Easy to reprogram and loosely coupled
  3. Easy to interface with external control devices
  4. Navigates in 3d space in an efficient easy way


I am going to use the G1 cell phone as it is the most modular.

G1 Info

Property Value
Weight5.6 ounces Size4.6 by 2.2 by 0.6 inches Memory1GB (memory card of up to 8 GB possible) WifiYes BluetoothYes USBNon host mode but yes SerialYes Camera3 megapixels
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