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You are floating above the Bay Area in Cyberspace, looking down at glowing beacons labeling the Hackerspaces and maker community spots that constitute the Bay Area Community of Hackerspaces.

EXITS: Noisebridge, Mission Hackerhood, SudoRoom, Hacker Dojo, ACE, Circuit, Queerious Labs, Pawprint Prototyping

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Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces, or BACH. A volunteer bridged channel for Meta chat between Bay Area spaces!
Bay Area Hackerspaces Consortium map of hacker/maker spaces in the Bay Area.

See more info on this page:

BACH Spaces[edit]

Map Wanted[edit]

It would be great to have a map here in image form and interactive form.

Photos Wanted[edit]

We'd like to see photos of the different spaces added here.

BACH Spaces Calendar Wanted[edit]

Some recommended events from the Bay Area hackerspaces are listed on our Events page.

  • PROPOSAL: We should get all the spaces to aggregate events calendars into a combined set of google calendars.

BACH Matrix Channel[edit]

What is it?[edit]

A volunteer bridged channel for Meta chat between Bay Area spaces!

A space for us to share information & resources.

Who is invited?[edit]

All spaces are invited! All people interested are invited. Please join us.

How is it set up?[edit]

Please edit and expand with other Bay Area Hacker, Maker, & Art spaces!

  • BACH public chat room in Matrix [1]
  • Matrix-native Slack bridge
  • #bach Noisebridge Slack channel
  • #bach channel in Noisebridge Discord
  • Discord Half-shot bridge [2] and their support chat [3]
  • Discord bridge is graciously hosted by

How can I get involved?[edit]

Anyone can join via the public Matrix room, or through the bridged room on any other listed chat service.

Can I bridge to another hackerspace?[edit]

Please do! Contact us in the chat!