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Noisebridge BBS is an old-school hacker bulletin board system running on a modern Enigma 1/2 BBS server accessible by Telnet over IP.

Noisebridge BBS Shirts[edit | edit source]

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Sign up if you want one, we will order when we have 5 or more[edit | edit source]

BBS Related Links[edit | edit source]

Modern BBS Games[edit | edit source]

Digital: A Love Story: A computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988 featuring a vast conspiracy, buffer overflows, telephone fraud, and hacking the Gibson! By Christine Love

Digital a love story.png

ANSI ART and TOOLS to make it[edit | edit source]

16 Colors ANSI Archive: An archive of ANSI art that aims to be a comprehensive collection of this type of electronic art. It includes tutorials on how to make your own ANSIs, art packs from former and contemporary artist, as well as tools used in ANSI, ASCII, and Demoscene projects.

Moebius an ANSI art Editor and Viewer:

Moebius is a new ANSI and ASCII Editor for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. The major feature that differentiates it from PabloDraw is the 'half-block' brush which allows editing in a style closer to Photoshop than a text editor, although you can still use the function and cursor keys to draw with, and you should find that most of the text editing features from PD are carried over to this editor. The editor is still a work in progress, but anyone who wants to try using it is also encouraged to log feature requests and bugs on the project's GitHub page.

Our server hosts an installation of Moebius. You can connect to it and draw with other Noisebridgers @

You will need to download Moebius to connect. Once you've started Moebius, look for the connect option at the bottom right corner. Type in the address above and hit connect. There is currently no password.

DOCUMENTARIES[edit | edit source]

BBS: The Documentary takes a comprehensive view of the BBS scene and does so in a skillful and thought provoking series of episodes, retelling the point in history that predated the Internet. Throughout this series, many of our modern implementations of tech find their origins. It's nothing short of a vital contribution to hacker history, told by the people who were there. BBS: The Documentary on IMDB

Watch it on YouTube LEET GUY's HD Full-Length version

BACK to the BBS Is come from Al's Geek Lab on YouTube. This documentary focuses on the history of BBSes, but with an additional focus on how BBSes fit into today's world. Why would someone go on a BBS to chat with friends and play games when they can play on STEAM, use Discord, or post on Facebook? Social Media and the modern Internet as we know it has promised that we will all stay connected, but that doesn't always seem true. Watch as Al explores the history and the future of BBSes.

Watch it on YouTube Back to the BBS playlist