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This page collects information about potential banks for Noisebridge (a DBA to be created). From the information given here, Noisebridge will choose a bank (at our next meeting?).


Things to ask about when choosing a bank, in no particular order.

  • Low fees
  • Wire transfer rates: incoming/outgoing, domestic/foreign (esp. European)
  • Corporate credit cards for DBA members and reports
  • No-interest accounts
  • Rules for DBA - how to set up, what if DBA member changes
  • Minimum balances
  • PayPal link OK?
  • Accept personal cheque deposits
  • Restrictions on who can open/hold the account (e.g. USAA military-only)

Potential Banks

Please contact your favorite bank, and add info here.

First Republic Bank: Cornfield Electronics, the company Mitch started to create TV-B-Gone, uses this bank. The account is free, with no fees ever, except for $25 to wire money out (wiring money in is free). Mitch will contact the bank later today and see if the same would be true for a DBA.

Redwood Credit Union: User:adi has a personal account. They are a CU, with the benefits that entails. Their Business Plus Basic Checking seems appropriate. They have a branch on Van Ness Avenue just a block or two from City Hall. They do have a $1k minimum balance requirement.

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