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Celebrate a night of new sound that will change your idea of music forever! (Sarah Carter, The Buchtelite – Akron)

Singular Sound Art Duo Beatrix*JAR are irresistible. “Armed with a soldering iron, cursory knowledge of circuitry and an unflappable DIY ethic, nearly anyone can transform a banal children’s toy into a glitching sputtering objet d’art. Beatrix*JAR have mastered both the art and craft, creating a dizzyingly original noise from those gadgets normally resigned to attics, swap meets and eBay. In their hand’s you’ll not have the capacity to resist.” (L. Young, Free Times – Columbia, SC)

“The Speak & Spells talk, sing, and laugh (a noise that is somehow more harrowing than amusing), and the beats resemble a stripped-down Daft Punk as Beatrix (Bianca Pettis) and JAR (Jacob Aaron Roske) push buttons, twist wires, play with your emotions, and generally seem like the embodiment of a hipster glee club as they implore the audience to dance, cheer them on, and trade coy glances at each other on their way to another victory.” – Pat O'Brien, City Pages - Minneapolis, MN

Performance features a bunch of hacked devices, including stereo Speak & Spells.

Plan is to ask for a $10 voluntary donation at the door, to be shared with NB.


Hands-On Circuit Bending releases your sonic boundaries and transforms your perception of sound. Workshop participants take apart battery-powered sound devices and manipulate the circuit board to coax unusual new sounds the manufacturer never intended. A direct result of experimentation and play circuit bending is instantaneous and anyone can do it.

Plan is to ask for a $15 donation to cover cost of parts and other expenses. Participants can bring their own toys. Might be good to organize a safari to buy cheap electronic toys in the neighborhood.

It's an intensive workshop, suitable for adults and young people 14+ years. Everyone walks away with a newly refreshed strange-sounding device.


Formed in 2005, Beatrix*JAR have been featured at Art Galleries, Festivals, Museums and Night Clubs all over the country including The Cave at Carlton College (Northfield, MN), Wexner Art Center (University of Ohio in Columbus), Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh), Denver Art Museum (Denver), Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Erie Art Museum Jazz and Blues Festival (Erie), Spark Electronic Art and Music Festival (Minneapolis), American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore), Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Minneapolis), Kenyon College (Gambier Ohio), Whole Music Club, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), Mark's Garage / Ong King Arts Center (Honolulu), and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (San Diego, La Jolla) --