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There is a possibility of a bedbug infestation. This is a page for organizing a response.

The Enemy


So far we have had an inspection by people who have had bedbugs before, and put out little CO2 generating bedbug traps. No evidence of any bedbugs have been discovered so far.

Cute dogs from will come and expertly collapse the heisenbergian eigenbedbug state for us (ie tell whether we have them, and where exactly they reside).

It will cost $235-$350. In accordance with anciente tradition, herewith a pledge list:

Danny - $70 (bedbug unbeliever - will double and donate half to NB if there are)

MrDominus - $20 (?right?)

Jason - $20 (?right?)

Erik S. - $50 (i have had bedbugs before and it sux)

Next Steps

  • Set traps - determine if bedbug menace is real.
  • Mediation with bedbugs.
  • Declare War On Bedbugs
  • Ban bedbugs from space.
  • If mediation fails, determine the best course of action to eradicate them. Bring up any big projects, potentially harmful consequences in Tuesday meeting.
  • Trash all couches and chairs with soft surfaces (like a cushion).
  • Capture alive if possible.
  • STOBITH ("Shoot The Bedbug In The Head")
  • I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
    • That very well may be, but if we kill off the bed bugs who will run the underground Factories?
      • Stage 37: Robot bed bugs are moved in to continue production.
        • Well sure, but what if the robots revolt for equal robo-rights?
          • Stage 38: Gorillas are brought in to quell the robo-insurrection
            • Fine as that may be, what if the gorillas are pacifists?
              • Forcibly inject Gorillas with steroids to make them more violent
  • Avoid carrying them home at all costs
  • Prevent reocurrence by building one of these:
  • There's lots of information here on how to get rid of them:
  • Once you've got rid of them, avoid bringing them back!