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There is a possibility of a bedbug infestation. This is a page for organizing a response.

The Enemy


Cute dogs came came and expertly collapsed the heisenbergian eigenbedbug state for us on HEISENBUG DAY, May 25th. The space was clear of infestation, but there was a bedbuggian smell from one of our lesser-used and isolated sofas, which was immediately set to be dispatched and the area steamed to all hell and back.

We're going to have to dogs back in a month (so June 25th) to check all is well.

The Scent Dogs cost $200.

In accordance with anciente tradition, herewith a pledge list:

Danny - $140 (I lost my bet :()

Will S - $70

Erik S. - $50 (i have had bedbugs before and it sux)

MrDominus - $20 (?right?)

Jason - $20 (?right?)

Liz - $20 (These are not the bedbugs you're looking for.) John M - $20 (Go, Dog. Go!)

John E - $20 (paid!)

Next Steps[edit]

  • Set traps - determine if bedbug menace is real.
  • Mediation with bedbugs.
  • Declare War On Bedbugs
  • Ban bedbugs from space.
  • If mediation fails, determine the best course of action to eradicate them. Bring up any big projects, potentially harmful consequences in Tuesday meeting.
  • Trash all couches and chairs with soft surfaces (like a cushion).
  • Capture alive if possible.
  • STOBITH ("Shoot The Bedbug In The Head")
  • I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
    • That very well may be, but if we kill off the bed bugs who will run the underground Factories?
      • Stage 37: Robot bed bugs are moved in to continue production.
        • Well sure, but what if the robots revolt for equal robo-rights?
          • Stage 38: Gorillas are brought in to quell the robo-insurrection
            • Fine as that may be, what if the gorillas are pacifists?
              • Forcibly inject Gorillas with steroids to make them more violent
  • Avoid carrying them home at all costs
  • Prevent reocurrence by building one of these:
  • There's lots of information here on how to get rid of them:
  • Once you've got rid of them, avoid bringing them back!