Bike Lights Workshop

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Hack nights to create your own set of bike lights! They are:

  • Cheap - $10-15 suggested donation for parts
  • Durable - water- and shock-resistant, and easily repaired at Noisebridge
  • Un-stealable - mounted to the bike chassis, not desirable to bike thieves, nor easily removable
  • Gorgeous - bright, custom-colored, custom-designed
  • Easy - you may pick up a little soldering skill; the rest is your kindergarten class on glue guns and stickers

I'm currently looking for a good name for these... D.I.Lights? Tantalights? Help me pick something :)

Bill o' Materials

Generally led by Merlin, but anybody is welcome to teach. Also, would love to have guest teachers for extra spiffy touches (bike-powered energy source, POV hacks, ...).

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