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Bike Party!


Bike Party, n: A party on bikes

East Bay Bike Party and the San Francisco Bike Party are monthly events in which people decorate their bikes and ride around town with good music, beer, and 810978479 blinky lights.

How does this intersect with noisebridge? Well everyone likes bikes, and we've got a couple of soldering irons! So lets have a Bike Party Light Party.

The Skinny

Come to Noisebridge on a Friday night and learn how to decorate your bike with programmable LEDs. In particular we'll be soldering Teensy 3.1 microcontrollers to WS2812B LED strips then using zipties to stick them on your two wheeled steed. Everything gets powered with a USB battery pack. These things are super lightweight on power and even the smallest of packs will make you go blink for hours at a time.

October will have a class every week to cover these topics:

  • October 6th - Introduction to driving your first LEDs and mounting some strips on your bike. SF Bike Party starts at 8pm.
  • October 13 - More basic animations and Stupid FastLED Tricks. East Bay Bike Party starts at 8pm.
  • October 20 - Advanced color theory, FastLED tricks, and what makes for good animations. No bike party tonight.
  • October 27 - Input controls. No bike party tonight either, but there's a special Critical Mass party the following week. The noisebridge contingent will be dazzling after this.

Victoria will be the host of these sessions. Every session starts at 6pm and runs until we're done.

What you'll need

Buy one of these LED strips if you don't already have some lights:

One of those packages will come with enough lights to cover your bike twice in blinky goodness.

You'll also want to acquire a Teensy 3.1/3.2 device. Victoria will have some available for purchase each week.

Don't forget your bike. Thats kinda the whole point here.

How do I sign up?

Add your name below:

  • Victoria Fierce
  • Manish
  • Steve
  • eenblam
  • J