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Interested in helping get huge billboards up to promote maker/hacker culture?
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I’ve been involved with talks with The Tech Museum, MAKE: Magazine, TechShop, and Hacker Dojo about getting billboards up to promote maker/hacker culture.
The person behind making this happen is Matt Spergel, who has some good experience in hacking the billboard system to get great coverage for cool projects.  Matt managed to get a huge billboard up on I-680 to promote libraries and education for a few thousand dollars (rather than tens of thousands).  The result:<br>
[http://bookable.wordpress.com/2009/07/13/worlds-largest-public-library-advertisement/ FREE EDUCATION]<br>
and he got lots of great press for it.
Matt’s idea now is to have 3 huge billboards to promote maker/hacker culture, with the logos for Noisebridge, Hacker Dojo, The Tech Museum, MAKE, and TechShop:
* 1 street level billboard in San Jose (most likely downtown?)
* 1 street level billboard in San Francisco
* and 1 kick ass billboard on the skyway in SF.
The one on the skyway usually retails for $30K a month, but Matt’s contact/friend at CBS Outdoor can swing all of these for about $7,500.  Each one will look like this mockup:<br>
We are $1,000 short of this goal, and I agreed to try and raise this on Noisebridge’s behalf.  The other groups have already come up with the following amounts of money for this project:
* Hacker Dojo:  $1,000
* MAKE:  $1,500
* TechShop:  $1,500
* The Tech Museum:  $2,500
* Noisebridge: 
If a bunch of people each kick in a few dollars, we can easily come up with the $1k to make this happen.  I’m starting this off by pledging $250.  Anyone else in? 
You can add your pledge to the wiki I created for this<br>
or, just email me:<br>
maltman23 *at* hotmail *dot* com
{| border="1"
! Name
! Amount pledged
! email address
| [[User:Maltman23|Mitch]]
| $250
| maltman23 *at* hotmail *dot* com
| [[User:h0mee|Praveen]]
| ''$20''
| ''dmhomee a@t gmail''
| [[User:KenA|Ken]]
| ''$100''
| ''ken *at* adler *dot* net''
| willowbl00
| $50
| willow @ schoolfactory dot org
| [[User:turbclnt|Sean C]]
| ''$50''
| ''sean.p.cusack *at* gmail *dut* com''
| ''your name here''
| ''your pledge here''
| ''your email here''
The billboard campaign starts on 25-July, so we have 2 weeks to reach our goal of $1k and make these 3 billboards a reality!
'''Objectives of the campaign'''
# To grow maker/hacker culture.
# To create more visibility for our organizations.
# To get more people involved who will add to maker/hacker culture
# To promote more collaboration amongst the orgs in on this billboard
Please email me with any questions:<br>
maltman23 *at* hotmail *dot* com

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