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Introduction to absorbance

Measuring optic loss - different techniques Optic loss as a proxy for biomass

Building an NIR probe

Light source and light sensor pairing Discussion of pros/cons of different source/sensor pairs

What you need

IR LED Phototransistor 2 5kΩ resistors Wire Soldering iron + solder ¾" acrylic tube ¾" acrylic discs Acrylic cement (thick) 1" PVC pipe Aquarium glue/hot glue Optional: cell-phone motor (BubbleShaker Technology)

How to build it

Cutting acrylic and PVC Drilling holes Soldering wires Fixing diodes Glueing discs on tubes Plugging tubes Covering it up

Things to keep in mind

Aquarium glue vs hot glue Biologically inert materials Food safety

Interfacing and measuring

Arduino sketch should go here...


How to find out whether your measurements are accurate How to adjust (distance, resistance)

Making it cooler

Multi-channel measurements

Geeking out

Reduction of light passing through a mass Absorbance vs. scattering