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*Glass ware (beakers, petri dishes, measuring columns, etc.)
*Glass ware (beakers, petri dishes, measuring columns, etc.)
*Dedicated fridge
*Dedicated fridge

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Welcome to BioBridge, a new initiative at Noisebridge that has formed as an offpsring of the kombucha brewing and destillation activites at Tastebridge.

The Biobridge project aims to take our efforts to the next level by taking offset in simple, practical, DIY projects such as kombucha fermentation, beer & alcohol brewing/destillation, sourdough culturing, youghurt production, algae growing, etc. Using these projects to demonstrate how scientific tools and rigour can be used not only to improve upon our culturing techniques, but also to provide valuable insight into the underlying biological processes, we want to make serious (micro)biological/biochemical science available to a wide public

We have been accepted for the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge with a project we've entitled the BioBoard. See the full proposal on the sub-page below, as well as the BioBoard pages for more info.


  • OpenPCR
  • Dremlfuge
  • Gel electrophoresis tubs, trays, combs
  • Pressure cooker/autoclave
  • Micropipettes
  • Glass ware (beakers, petri dishes, measuring columns, etc.)
  • Incubator
  • Dedicated fridge

Sub-pages so far:

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